Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?

Comments by Anon

Anon on compact-disc
1280x1024, 5:4 aspect ratio

Works perfectly!
Anon on iphone-5
Perfect fit with the 5S as well.
Anon on dunlop-pick
It's spot on.
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
pretty good on mine! (18/17 inch)
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
about 1.5 inches too long on a 17". I even checked.
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
Extremely big for a 25.5in
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
Professionals spend hundred of dollars on very accurate rulers. Don't rag on this site because it's a few percentiles off. Go downstairs and get your tape measure you lazy bones people, that's why you're on this site anyway. It's close enough.
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
Good enough on my 12 inch. MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE CORRECTLY! when you compare with coin or credit card, you should not be able to see the picture if you place the object over your screen. Go from small to big until you can see the picture, then go back one tick. perfect.
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
Perfect on my 20 inch
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
This makes my credit card 6 inches long, I don't think so...
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
6 inch circle? Perfect. 12 inch ruler? 2/16th of an inch off.
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
Why can't I change the screen size? Now I'm stuck with the wrong size. Stupid.
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
@Jaezilla. What size did they sell you, you nugget.
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
It works if you know how to use it. I really isn't that hard.
Anon on 1-foot-ruler
ever so lightly too long on my 9.85 in
Anon on credit-card
PERFECT on my 13.3" macbook white monitor
Anon on tall-starbucks-coffee-cup
This is a venti, the names have been mixed up as the vent picture on here looks like a tall
Anon on iphone-3g
perfect fit
Anon on htc-desire
Yep it's exactly the same size. *thumbsup*
Anon on nokia-5800
Just choose the right dimensions of your monitor......
Perfect match!!!!!!
Anon on apple-ipod-touch-2nd-generation
Pretty Good.
Anon on atom
I see the mostly empty space part of the atom!
Anon on nintendo-dsi-3
Its bigger than my screen!
Anon on samsung-omnia-hd
HTC Touch HD is small and with even bigger screen so it's not the perfect size, it could be smaller without losing screen size.
Anon on kirby
Kirby is much larger than that, one to two feet in diameter.
Anon on apple-ipod-touch-8-gb
Small.. soz m8
Anon on zune-120-gb
i randomly clicked on this, and it was spot on for my zune
Anon on blackberry-curve-8320-sunset-smartphone-t-mobile