2 inches


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
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2 inches Actual Size Image


dt (22" monitor)
it works perfect
Anonymous (22" monitor)
19" 16:10 CORRECT (19" monitor)
I am using a 19" monitor at 16:10 aspect ratio (1440x900); it is correct even when changing resolution while keeping the aspect ratio the same. I have no idea if aspect ratio matters, but also keep in mind to have the page at 100% zoom (I remembered I kept the browser at 90% zoom as default).

A two inch rule version... not that's just silly.
jangid (16" monitor)
sixteen inch how black mark .
Anonymous (15" monitor)
gud site dis
cuntface (13" monitor)
heahehaeha let me f*k u ahaheheahh F WO OO FO O H A YEA A A
KATIE+JESSIEJ<3 (15" monitor)
61%OF people must actually b thick. this is correct if you measure ur screen correct (diagonal)
aa (13" monitor)
it works....:-) thx
7 (17" monitor)
eren jaeger (15" monitor)
eren jaeger (15" monitor)
wait actually its wrong as my monitor is 19"
rin okumura (15" monitor)
rin okumura (15" monitor)
rin okumura (15" monitor)
o well i didnt expect much anyway
an0n (19" monitor)
None of Your Business (12" monitor)
Oh, yeah, like that's an actual item.