Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?

2 inches


39% voted correct
Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
2 inches Actual Size Image


dt (22" monitor)
it works perfect
Anonymous (22" monitor)
19" 16:10 CORRECT (19" monitor)
I am using a 19" monitor at 16:10 aspect ratio (1440x900); it is correct even when changing resolution while keeping the aspect ratio the same. I have no idea if aspect ratio matters, but also keep in mind to have the page at 100% zoom (I remembered I kept the browser at 90% zoom as default).

A two inch rule version... not that's just silly.
jangid (16" monitor)
sixteen inch how black mark .
Anonymous (15" monitor)
gud site dis
cuntface (13" monitor)
heahehaeha let me f*k u ahaheheahh F WO OO FO O H A YEA A A
KATIE+JESSIEJ<3 (15" monitor)
61%OF people must actually b thick. this is correct if you measure ur screen correct (diagonal)
aa (13" monitor)
it works....:-) thx
7 (17" monitor)
rin okumura (15" monitor)
o well i didnt expect much anyway
rin okumura (15" monitor)
eren jaeger (15" monitor)
rin okumura (15" monitor)
eren jaeger (15" monitor)
wait actually its wrong as my monitor is 19"
an0n (19" monitor)
None of Your Business (12" monitor)
Oh, yeah, like that's an actual item.
Dont need to know that. (16" monitor)
nice works fine.
still strange why you have to put your monitor size
yourmonitorsaresmall (27" monitor)
Anonymous (5" monitor)
I'm sure it works for most, but it doesn't work on mobile.