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6 inch circle


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
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6 inch circle Actual Size Image


j read (20" monitor)
Anonymous (8" monitor)
James (21" monitor)
Let me find my 6 inch circle... Its around here somewhere
Angelica (10" monitor)
correct it funning i found this site while holding a measuring tape its weird
REDHEAD (16" monitor)
I AM SO CRAZY WITH THIS. JUST WANTED TO SEE HOW LARGE A 20x16x4mm PENDANT WOULD LOOK LIKE. Hate doing anything with measurements......I've got a headache and stress from this.
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Oh yes (20" monitor)
yes (19" monitor)
ur rite
nope (19" monitor)
i compared my d**k to it
nope (19" monitor)
us suk at this
nope (19" monitor)
ur wrong
nope (19" monitor)
u wer way off
KATIE+JESSIEJ<3 (15" monitor)
right this website is correct if you measure your screen diagonal so if you measure it correct the measurement on the screen will be to scale.
Ally (5" monitor)
Seriously? They was to measure your screen? If I had a ruler, I wouldn't be asking for one!! :p
dan (13" monitor)
Norm (9" monitor)
How big would the circle be if one inch were seen at 40 yards