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American 10 Dollar Bill


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American 10 Dollar Bill Actual Size Image


I measured with a 20 but it was nearly perfect for me!
yeah 1 dollar fits also
awesome but isnt it illegal to have actual sized electronic versions of money? (cough.... right click save image as, print :) :) )
you're right, #3, all it would take to bring down the US mint would be someone with a cheap scanner... brilliant
I doubt he was being serious
please mail me the original so I can compare it to the one shown on the screen
well it is illegal but it's not like you can do much with this picture
Only illegal if printed in actual size, digital copies can be any size (literally).
Anonymous (18" monitor)
Well your thoughts are all flawed. Legal us tender is made out of cloth, NOT PAPER. All it would take is a brain to detect its flaw.
Anonymous (14" monitor)
... and you would be missing the back side of the ten dollar bill as well... ^_^
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Nobody ever looks at the back of bills, that wouldn't be an issue.
But please how do we handle the serial number? I just can't print them all out with the same number.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Can i copy it and pay for my bills with it? (22" monitor)
hahahahah #10 made me lol
Mecury (26" monitor)
Not illegal to have a life size copy, and a standard scanner cannot pick up certain things on money as the text is too small, also some scanning programs can detect if money has been scanned and doesn't allow you to open the file.
ellis90009 (22" monitor)
i am almost positive that #3 is right
Anonymous (19" monitor)
I think it is illegal to have this...but the reserve doesn't just print it on computer paper...and they have watermarks...and they have security fibers... and other security features
Ethan (19" monitor)
this is exactly right!
x (19" monitor)
Also, if you right click save or view image, it is actually bigger.. it re sizes to fit your monitor on this site.
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Too bad its pretty dang near impossible to get the actual paper they use, and the other key features to counterfeit
Critic (15" monitor)
I tried to print just the front side to see if it would work. It didn't my printer detected it was a banknote and cancelled so its pretty secured.
Bank Robber (15" monitor)
Can you put the back on too. I need to measure that side and see if it fits/
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Max (20" monitor)
anoynomous (20" monitor)
It's not ilegal if you dont get caught.
dhelo rama (47" monitor)
its illegal to print your own ones.
VDZ (19" monitor)
it's the right size ok, but my printer wont print more the 1 cm from the top :-(
anonymous (15" monitor)
you guys are crazy, just save the image and print, if you see its bigger then minimize the picture and do it again. go online and try to find the back and put the paper with front part of the dollar back into the printer up side down and print the back but make sure that the back is aligned with the front( not that i would know...cough.....cough)
Anonymous (20" monitor)
lol #10. ur right! duh!
Anonymous (24" monitor)
#11 is more concerned that someone is going to notice the serial numbers are the same before they realize it is made of paper and has no back?
Person (17" monitor)
Megan (16" monitor)
Of course it's not illegal. Look it up. It's been done way before. You can't do anything with this, it's the exact same as having a real 10 dollar bill. NOthing's illegal about that!
poopoo (15" monitor)
cough.... right click save image as, print XD LOL
Bubba2x4 (22" monitor)
way too small...
Bubba2x4 (22" monitor)
#6 made me lol
Anonymous (11" monitor)
i fit four $10 in this picture. Big money..........
Anonymous (14" monitor)
money is 75% linen, and 25% cotton. last time i checked, my printer doesn't run on that. nor do i think any store sells normal sheets that are composed that way. but good try.
...... (17" monitor)
sum people get the 5 dollar bill and remove the ink sum how and print hundred on it ...
...... (17" monitor)
u cant make newer bills cuz they have all types of colors and all bills 5-100 have a strip of plastic in it
Anonymous (14" monitor)
random dude (17" monitor)
that dollar is perfectly printed, normally they have a small tilt
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Anyone willing to go as far as to print dollars and cut them out is too stupid to realize it would have the same effect as play money. Dollars are a bit thicker than normal paper and construction paper is too stiff, but even if you found the perfect paper with the perfect texture, and even if you got the shiny ink print on it, you'd probably just end up with more of your own time/money wasted then the fake money you got out of it.

There, now nobody will comment on anything about printing money on this page. Oh, wait. Someone will. EVENTUALLY.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Use it to pay for weed, drug dealers wont check for all tht shid
Anonymous (15" monitor)
I used it to pay a drug dealer his dumb a*s took it just cant use him again. LOL
julizza (7" monitor)
money is so cool
Obama (18" monitor)
What are you criminals talking about?
tc (13" monitor)
Hi, actually you can print all the bills you want, but if you try to use it as real money, then you are breaking the law, federal that is and will be going to a big time prison.. tc
Money (17" monitor)
#3 no because it does not show the BACK of the ten dollar bill. Which is what you would need to successfully spend a counterfiet bill. So no unless your a dumbass and leave the back side blank.
desperate (19" monitor)
if only there was a back side for this one. id be in the malls shopping christmas gifts already.......hahaha
Anonymous (10" monitor)
Well anyone that thinks it would only take a second to firgure this out. they way it down with and oil or wax and wet it down to show weather crinkle it up.... you get the point. so lets not be smartasses
... (19" monitor)
wow... but it's useless, and illegal. but i want that money...<i3i>
... (19" monitor)
seriously. stop torturing me with the money. im poor, ok?
Anonymous#1million (16" monitor)
Technically, you can pass it off, with both sides of the bill, depending on who you're trying to pass it off to. It's not as difficult as you'd like to believe. Print it, coat it with hair spray, crinkle it, throw it in the dryer with some socks, give it to the weed-man (in the dark for all I care). Some people are just too ignorant, print it, think people will accept a perfectly fit $10 bill, and attempt to use it at the mall *Ahem* # 70. *Ahem*
bin go (17" monitor)
just bleach out a dollar and print a $5, or a $10.........trying to use a fake $20, $50 or $100 is pushing your luck of getting caught.....have fun XD
Anonymous (22" monitor)
Something tells me it's fake
?????????? (20" monitor)
yeah its fake, totally
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Who would care what the actual size of a 10 dollar bill is? lol
frontflask (14" monitor)
you are right #76
ex-pecetive (10" monitor)
makes me want to copy/scan/resize a 10 dollar bill out of my wallet ^^
c.durant (15" monitor)
I took some pictures of people and made them the size of Lincoln and Washington and stuck them on the one and five dollar bills and scanned and copied them...looks good. I had them sticking out from under a book to where you can't see the image right away and they look real. Didn't even bother with the back side.
Anonymous (17" monitor)
you go and print it and its small as f**k
Counterfeiter (25" monitor)
it printed the same size for me no matter how big or small i said my monitor was. :( i actually need these at a tax prep open house and it would be nice to have ones that are life size
Anonymous (19" monitor) <-real picture
Ronny Roberge (10" monitor)
Good Work!
justin bieber's girlfriend (10" monitor)
i wish it diddn't say fake on it!!!!
Bootielam (14" monitor)
Is that Paul Newman ? Just askin