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American 100 Dollar Bill

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American 100 Dollar Bill Actual Size Image


Nicole (12" monitor)
I wouldn't know, I've never had one. (I know, I know, it's the same size as any dollar)
bobno (1000" monitor)
have a bf
bobno (1000" monitor)
bobno (1000" monitor)
very cool
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Could someone else do the other side, too? Erm.. I want to make sure that also fits.
Anonymous (20" monitor)
lol at #5 XD
Kevin (13" monitor)
lol at #6 lolling at #5
wow. #5 and #6 both use the same web browser and have the same monitor size.
Simon Sandwichead. (18" monitor)
Lol at #7 for loling at #6 for loling at #5 who also appears to be himself laughing at what he typed a couple of seconds before...KINDA SAD!
ARGme (8" monitor)
kinda big
Anonymous (50" monitor)
my name :) (20" monitor)
loling at #8 loling at #7 loling at #6 loling at #5.... poor #5...
htrju (14" monitor)
i have the other side (10" monitor)
larry (27" monitor)
.... (14" monitor)
.... (14" monitor)
wait it says mozilla what
o_o (15" monitor)
Wow, it's perfect. Just put it up with my 100.


minus the 00's.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
ahahahh #5 good sence of humor
alex (10" monitor)
please send me 10 dollar on yahoo its kumiraia
alex (10" monitor)
and print it please
Anonymous (17" monitor)
mike (15" monitor)
i'm printing this! haha just kidding!
Anonymous (15" monitor)
i got some junk in my trunk
fuck you (10" monitor)
i dont know what is the actual size of dollars
jmmnfhmhm (41" monitor)
everybody on here is lameeeeeee exept for meeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy
spamjam (16" monitor)
step 1-print, step 2-go to convnieince store, step 3-tape bill to floor
Anonymous (15" monitor)
can 2 different 100usd have the same serial number..
Anonymouus (16" monitor)
Well, it's actually only legal to make a copy of a United States federal currency note if it is less than 75% of the actual size, or more than 150% of the actual size. Suggestion: TAKE IT DOWN!
Ronny Roberge (10" monitor)
There's a bill worth $99900 more. Try to find it on pective.
Slender Man (22" monitor)
Meh, it's too small
fullemotion (16" monitor)
wow its great
wow (7" monitor)
SilasDG (27" monitor)
Weird, I thought it was way to small but upon holding a $20 up to the monitor it's actually perfect.
Walter (9" monitor)
I thought it was too small, but when i put a bill on the screen, it was right !