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Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Ant Actual Size Image


dh (14" monitor)
Looks about right...
Me! (13" monitor)
I have bigger ants ... :S
purpledinosaurROAR (18" monitor)
it really depends on where u live...
nooo! (9" monitor)
That be no ant! That be a termite!
#43 (19" monitor)
my mom said i was a b***h
Joe (13" monitor)
I AM 12 (17" monitor)
we (99999" monitor)
what r this
1" screen (1" monitor)
to big
Matt (16" monitor)
lololololol ants rule
:DDD (100" monitor)
put ur screen at 1 inch lol
Anonymous (15" monitor)
its lookin a ittle large... :I that ant needs to diet!
Rox (13" monitor)
@11 -> Exactly LOL
That's bigger than I expected!
SickA (1" monitor)
#14 Haha thats the right size
anonymous (16" monitor)
yeah about right
Anonymous (12" monitor)
its always the same size no matter what i put it at. i put 1 in and got an okay sized ant, but i got to at least 100 and it was still the same.
Pirate (19" monitor)
Yes, 'tis good.
poopoo (15" monitor)
KT (19" monitor)
too small for my liking...
david (15" monitor)
#20 i bet that's not the first time you heard that
me (15" monitor)
Mr Obvious (17" monitor)
its small
maria joAnn conklin (25" monitor)
er thats weird but ok i put it to 100 and i was like..... where did it go...
mini man who ha (1" monitor)
masive, look at my monitor size XD
Anonymous (13" monitor)
#24 That's what she said.
Pippa (60" monitor)
:O 60 inch. There is no ant :O This site was on pointless sites. No wander :S I dont perticularly want to know how big a CD or Ant is. <3
Anonymous (17" monitor)
just a little too big
bolt #1 fan (1000" monitor)
put your screen at 1000!!! rofl : >
DaN (14" monitor)
i dont have an ant to hold up to the screen, but it looks about right lol
Old Greg (1" monitor)
Yep thats about right, I held my pet ant up to the screen its perfectly sized
Antagonist (15" monitor)
Dat be one friggin fat ant. :(
julzieluvme (12" monitor)
my screen's 12' i think it's the perfect size.
flanko (1" monitor)
lmao dats one HUGE ant!! :D
blackasscurtis (14" monitor)
ok size
Anonymous (19" monitor)
alittle small
LOL (17" monitor)
MICRO small!!!
karimbma (1" monitor)
Diana (23" monitor)
Anonymous (21" monitor)
My ants are a bit smaller, at least I think.. I can't check now because I killed them all. The pic should show the ant from above, nobody ever sees an ant at this angle.
blabi bla bla (15" monitor)
i carreid an ant and it is the right size
Maggie (15" monitor)
Hmmm.... I have a 15" moniter... It looks Perfect!!
Myself (20" monitor)
What type of ant? Looks about right for a fire ant.
Myself (20" monitor)
Wait, sugar ant.
alec (15" monitor)
TOO BIG!!!!!! T_T
Denimqueen98 (14" monitor)
I've seen bigger...and smaller...
Anonymous (15" monitor)
why it doesn't work with me??
the ant as size as mouse (on my screen)..
Secruoser (24" monitor)
Anon, you need to wait for it to finish loading. BTW the ant size depends on what type of ant.
Lee Ball (24" monitor)
Generic ant (don't know the latin name, sorry) is pretty much spot on, using a 24" 16:10 widescreen and a little off on a 42" 16:9 Plasma display (due to the resolution of 1024x768 - changing it to 1280x720 seemed to help)
sky (14" monitor)
what it is?
a (70" monitor)
wow (70" monitor)
put your screen size at 70 size of ant -
TheChosen (16" monitor)
this ant seems a bit bigger than my ant...