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Blackberry Playbook


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caveman (16" monitor)
is this a tablet
caveman (16" monitor)
i measured averything and it is perfect
caveman (16" monitor)
i hope it is
caveman (16" monitor)
its huge
caveman (16" monitor)
i cant believe its that tiny thats a small tablet
caveman (16" monitor)
this is true size
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Kaiz (14" monitor)
is it really this small?
LOthar (14" monitor)
hey caveman, are you an insane dickhead? you said that its huge but then its small??? fck u!
alejandro (22" monitor)
22 inch moniter put it against my playbook same lengh and hieght
Tarun (22" monitor)
f**k off this is a 7 inch tablet which of almost 9 inch in this...
NTN (9" monitor)
does anyone know what os it is running?
Malav (19" monitor)
Its running blackberry os 2.0
norman (22" monitor)
its perfect
Vandalay (20" monitor)
Fits my blackberry playbook exact and perfect on an 19.5inch screen.