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Burj Dubai


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Burj Dubai Actual Size Image


Anonymous (14" monitor)
exactly like the real one!
Burj (22" monitor)
This is huge .. Burj Dubai s way smaller than this pic
Anonymous (19" monitor)
I held my skyscraper up to my monitor and this is not accurate
Max (19" monitor)
I hold my Burj next too it and its a little bit too tiny:)
Twiggy (24" monitor)
it's cool
Anonymous (17" monitor)
burj dubai is over a half mile tall this is like 4 ft
Jonah (24" monitor)
Just a little tiny bit bigger...
Collin Farell (13" monitor)
it was reduced in size by mah lazahh
TeslaCoilGirl!!! (19" monitor)
A little TOO small
Anonymous (13" monitor)
My Burj Khalifa was surprisingly a lot smaller than the image. The image needs to be reduced to a much smaller size.