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Chris Pirillo


14% voted correct


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Chris Pirillo  Actual Size Image


Benlove94 (19" monitor)
Anonymous (17" monitor)
way too small
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Let me hold my Chris up to the screen..... yep its just right...
Max (13" monitor)
FAR too small on my 13.3" macbook
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Looks just about right =)
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Looks a bit small.
cusinndzl (15" monitor)
A little small.
Anonymous (16" monitor)
What are you guys talking about? Chris is this small in real life=/
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Bit too small on a 19"
Anonymous (14" monitor)
his head is the size of my nipple
Anonymous (26" monitor)
you have a huge nipple.
Rayzz (13" monitor)
I don't believe Chris is this small in real life? haha..
James Holmes (19" monitor)
Pretty amazing likeness, no where near as entertaining ;-)
Cartuner25 (13" monitor)
Chris is a LockerGnome!!!
BE77Y (15" monitor)
Not even close, to be honest - far too small. (Firefox, 15.3")
Barb (17" monitor)
Either it's small or he really is a Gnome :D
techypiano (17" monitor)
awesome!! lol
t966er (14" monitor)
Well I just had Chris over and well it's to small ;(
Daniel (42" monitor)
That's correct.
shooty-poop (22" monitor)
too small, my hand is bigger than his whole head!
#43 (19" monitor)
:DDD (20" monitor)
who is he, anyway?
david (15" monitor)
I dont believe in chris. he's like santa
tim (18" monitor)
oh no now hes got bigger, its smaller now
nuggetman (24" monitor)
reggie (16" monitor)
chris' head is deffinately bigger than my hand