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Compact Cassette


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Compact Cassette Actual Size Image
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I dont know how many people have cassettes laying around their desk that they can hold up to their computer monitor...for that matter why would they have tapes anywhere in there house.
OMG, it' the ACTUAL SIZE of a cassette!!!!!!!!!
O yea coolies!!!
my balls itch
almost! but a very, very close one!
just checked... oh and, I have cassettes laying all around. why have tapes anywhere in my house? for one thing, because the s**tty mp3 or mp4 will never sound as good.
60 minutes, amazing. stunning picture
prisa gud, här kommer skatteåterbäringen!
what is that?
The labels on all my cassettes are all written on and about to fall off. Can I use your beautiful, yellowing label?
Anonymous (28" monitor)
lol museum peice
Anonymous (17" monitor)
why did you call this 'compact cassette'? The generally accepted name is 'cassette tape'.
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Anonymous (15" monitor)
'compact cassette' is the proper name! and which dyckhead said they sound better than MP3? MP3s don't stretch, get chewed up and and affected by magnets, the sun, wet, heat, etc....
purpledinosaurROAR (18" monitor)
Wow, a cassette... I thought those all disenigrated by now
Anonymous (20" monitor)
i have many cassettes. because rebuying all my cassettes as cd's is a no go, and my sound system is old, so it wont do mp3
Pires (15" monitor)
Well, answering #3, i have many and they fit just right on that image ;)
NelsonNewbie (14" monitor)
What is this used for? Looks about right size item to scratch carwindows at winter...
mfoftheyear (70" monitor)
sick ive been looking for this! although i hgly dout theres a 70 inch computer
oldsKool (12" monitor)
Yeah, TDK C90 was the best - cool picture too!