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Desert Eagle (2)


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Desert Eagle (2) Actual Size Image


silentcon (15" monitor)
appears huge on 15.4".
jimmyjammy (20" monitor)
yer looks bloody massive on my 20"
Andrew (15" monitor)
A D-Eagle is big, BUT NOT THAT BIG
cusinndzl (15" monitor)
Way to big.
Chinggy (30" monitor)
Way to big.
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Way to big... Its a pistol. not a rifle. *rolls eyes*
Anonymous (23" monitor)
Yea 22'" and my hand ( which from Middle finger down to butt of my plam is 8 Inches) wouldnt even be able to grip the handle on this, and I have fired a D-Eagle IRL. I think you should have taken a picture of an actuial D-Eagle NOT taken a picture of a picture.
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Wow. Great job. This isn't really that funny.
sharpshotter (14" monitor)
it's toooooooooooooooooooo big
Unur (13" monitor)
#10 lol

but let me tell yall that gun on the screen is perfect! Same size as mine!
Anonymous (17" monitor)
the image is bigger than my bazooka and RPG
Mr Obvious (17" monitor)
Are you sure it isnt a rocket launcher?

PS:its big
no wai (15" monitor)
wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to small
Anonymous (15" monitor)
wow. big
Anonymous (13" monitor)
I helf my Deseat Egale up the screen, but it was too small.
Zanuha (19" monitor)
You saying the DE's trigger is bigger than my USP?
LOL (17" monitor)
This Ak-99278328 is perfect!!!
wtf (15" monitor)
trigger is bigger than my finger...
Lakfch (11" monitor)
just a wee bit big
ninja (21" monitor)
da size of my p***s
Anonymous (22" monitor)
i dont even have one and i still know it is to big :D
beretta pro (20" monitor)
siriously... it wont even fit on my monitor let alone the whole of africa ps: its too big pps: buy a tape measure
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Yup, looks accurate.