Please set your monitor size (inches)

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Desert Eagle (3)


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Desert Eagle (3) Actual Size Image


Terrorist (15" monitor)
Ummm its about right. Let me see about the trigger.hjhunbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb owwww my arm slammed into the keyboard I accidentally shot it.
Anonymous (20" monitor)
to big i held mine up (17" monitor)
Good ! thanks
sharpshotter (14" monitor)
it's to big
david thayer (17" monitor)
hey im gay
anonymous (20" monitor)
lets just see . . . *bang* oops. there goes the family photo. *bang* and the wall. my bad.
ds (1280" monitor)
its like 5 mm if that
Uhhhhh (12" monitor)
tagged "d-cups" ????????
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Seems a little too big.
Josh (17" monitor)
ya im gonna hold that up
pmt (15" monitor)
spot on
Nazi v1.84 (17" monitor)
It fits perfect for me
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Anonymous (17" monitor)
too small mines bigger
ya motha (17" monitor)
my gun is WAY bigger
Anonymous (14" monitor)
mine is a colt
Jonah (24" monitor)
That's a huge gun.
I want one... (15" monitor)
I want one so i can do a smooth criminal tribute then kill myself to be with MJ
YOU FREAKIN RETARDS! (20" monitor)

HOW STUPID CAN ONE BE? What are you? FOX watchers??
Peter (23" monitor)
This is the right size I believe...I checked.

BTW, #20 is not really commenting on this, is he?
Correy.M (20" monitor)
It looks a little to big I think!!
yo (19" monitor)
my bb deagle is the same as this, and yes i've set my screen size.
Charlie (22" monitor)
I want to save the actual sized D E on my computer but it only saves it as the original image. Anyone, help...? Please?
jhony (15" monitor)
jhony like yer it looks about right its hard to tell when im holding mine up to ur mums head
Lakfch (11" monitor)
Too big, it would break my wrist if I shot it
john (20" monitor)
a little big
Bin Laden (16" monitor)
Its the right size i checked
James (21" monitor)
Way too small. Thats closer to the baby eagle
thirdybe (20" monitor)
all fit to my hand
Tim (18" monitor)
I'm going to make this thing out of wood, if you adjust the inches you can make it perfect! you just need to be good at math and you'll get it right :D
beretta pro (20" monitor)
cool gun... a bit too big for my hands though
Ryan Sharp (16" monitor)
on wiki it said 10.6 in and this pic is exacly 10.6
ruler lol
dom (17" monitor)
i actually own a desert eagle
its the right size