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Domino's Pizza


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Domino's Pizza Actual Size Image


Kirsten (20" monitor)
coolio! 1st comment! but thats a small pizza
crazyman (15" monitor)
my monitor got dirty when i put my dominoes pizza on it. It is a good size.
Lindsey (12" monitor)
A bit too small..
Jeff (32" monitor)
definitely not the size of my real pizza
sam (14" monitor)
once you set the size of your computer at the top it gets pretty big
jojo (19" monitor)
Tell me that's a personal pan sized pizza? Right c'mon really?
lol (8000000" monitor)
mymonitorissmall (1" monitor)
that is big.
Anonymous (13" monitor)
i've had bigger...much bigger ... in italy
ale (17" monitor)
dang that has to be personalized lol :(
britt (17" monitor)
damm thats a small f*****g pizza
Kani (10" monitor)
Kinda small ^^
lozza (17" monitor)
you guys need to change the ich of your screen coz this is the right size
Anonymous (15" monitor)
this came up in related topics for 12'' ruler
Anonymous (12" monitor)
D**n the tomato sauce and oil on my monitor!
alec (15" monitor)
#9 lucky, i wanna go there! =(
... (19" monitor)
PIZZA! I want pizza<i3i>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vinu (24" monitor)
...should include an option for aspect ratio of monitor too! very very very important!!!
ethan (14" monitor)
why cant i use this twice!!
um (19" monitor)
depends what pizza size you get i'd say this is the right size for a medium
:3 (17" monitor)
That's way too small. xD
ANNOMOUYNOUS (7" monitor)
James (21" monitor)
I'd be very upset if I had a pizza that small...
bob (12" monitor)
my computer is not 12"
bob (12" monitor)
that is way too big i got some pizza tonight and it was way smaller but my computer is like 3 feet long so idk
anila73 (20" monitor)
@#25: Then set it right.
pew (22" monitor)
It was off by an inch or two.
Euan (15" monitor)
I am so hungry now
aninimouse (27" monitor)
too small
kampferdudle (27" monitor)
hellewo i do not undurstand anythink here mabye it is my horrible englash (german) plase help ps it is to smale