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Game Boy


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Game Boy Actual Size Image


A Little too big on 1650x1080 22"
charlie (13" monitor)
Its a bit large
stormtrooper190 (17" monitor)
its a bit to long. on a 17"
Nice Try But... (19" monitor)
Too tall on a 19" monitor
Twiggy (24" monitor)
it's to short but a little wider than mine on a 24''
The Nerd (16" monitor)
It is unsupernobogobleynosific fine on an x-y axis but from xk to yh its a little.. well, lets just say taxing.
mat (15" monitor)
omg my cell phone is the size of the screen!
anon (22" monitor)
make sure you idiots that actual model
The Nerd (20" monitor)
Iggy (8" monitor)
A bit big on an Ipad mini