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George W. Bush


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George W. Bush Actual Size Image


aqb (19" monitor)
i see an arse on my screen.. errrr
Anonymous (17" monitor)
ahhhhhh!!!!!! run its the anti-christ
Anonymous (19" monitor)
my george W. Bush fits perfect
Twiggy (24" monitor)
i tihink goerge bush is an alien!!!!
George W. Bush (17" monitor)
Too big.
me (15" monitor)
My Goerge W. Bush is a bit bigger. This is the size of his top half!
Me (22" monitor)
Great now my screen is smashed
Anonymous (18" monitor)
WTF! i clicked the thumbnail of bush on the page, and now i get a picture of a dog's a*s.... wierd -.-'
zico (19" monitor)
buga ługa ;D ale on ładny ;D
mkea (15" monitor)
i searched arse.... this came up... FTW....
TeslaCoilGirl!!! (19" monitor)
This is true size. Only bush's head is a lot smaller... there is nothing in there.
George W. Bush (20" monitor)
a little small. I CHECKED