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iPhone 4 (2)

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iPhone 4 (2) Actual Size Image


poopoo (13" monitor)
compared with my 3GS. looks about right.
Franklin (20" monitor)
Compared with my iPhone 4 (prototype - found in the Apple in HQ in San Jose), I can say that it is the actual size.
egh... (22" monitor)
im glad the iphones dont look gay anymore... but this isnt the right size...
jordan (15" monitor)
It seems to be done by screen size not resolution of the screen.

Some peoples will look accurate some won't.
TheiPhoneGuyHd (23" monitor)
Looks about right
Tim (40" monitor)
Displayed larger than life on my 40" screen
randy2611 (15" monitor)
with a "15" inch screen i can say my iphone4 was near perfect with this image
Anonymous (15" monitor)
compared my ipod touch 4th gen on a 15in screen...
james (15" monitor)
soooo my iphone 5 is smaller than 4
marksucks (3793" monitor)
look at my monitor size......
im rich......

Anonymous (16" monitor)
f**k off
james (7" monitor)