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iPhone 4 (3)


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iPhone 4 (3) Actual Size Image


personator (13" monitor)
Ewww lets going trinidad lol
agian another guyanese joke
Droid (16" monitor)
Hello fellow Earthlings. How are you on this fine day? I hope all is well. To my perfect calculations this is 100% correct. I love you Earthlings and maybe we can be together one fine day. As William Shakespeare said
TELL me where is Fancy bred,
Or in the heart or in the head?
How begot, how nourished?
Reply, reply.
It is engender'd in the eyes,
With gazing fed; and Fancy dies
In the cradle where it lies.
Let us all ring Fancy's knell:
I'll begin it,—Ding, dong, bell.
All. Ding, dong, bell.
Good bye Friends
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Ok you guys above me are weird. ewwwww gross man, and i researched Guyanaese people and they are so coolie i mean cool lol. and the girls are hot
guyanesegyal (16" monitor)
Wha de scunt. A who the rass rite tha above me.
Ya scunt mad or wha
Ya coneyhoney. Mon ya waste meh time
Ker ya scunt
oh and meh wan tell you all sometin Call me if ya need to talk to meh
call meh at 555-5685
and nah buy this scunt hole phone
me buy one and eh bruk
good bye gyal dem and bai them
dough dough
personator (13" monitor)
i mean lets go trinidad
Cumbersome (13" monitor)
hi im coollie
and guyanese
and Trinidad is not that great guyana iS BeTTeR
Anonymous (22" monitor)
guyansegyal, you talk like a dumb s**t, dont try to talk like you retardedly talk in real life, d**n and wtf is a scunt? d**n gtfo and get a life
JPirate (15" monitor)
Ahoy! buckos! This be so nice. T' size be so perfect. That was t' real size o' that thin'.
TheiPhoneGuyHD (24" monitor)
Perfect! I just literally put my iPhone 4 against the moniter and it's exactly the same size.
Zombie (17" monitor)
Urgh. This good. But not too good like BRAAAAINS.
Demmin (21" monitor)
dis size is so coooolll.. im bored
hello (22" monitor)
how about the actual size of an iphone 5...?
l.o.l. (15" monitor)
wtf are droid and guyaneseguyl talking about you 2 are B***hs you shut up your a bunch of d**k heads com on ulot alrite so get your mf heads together com on
Copyright© (15" monitor)
Yh im a designer, and the phone holder and it is correct
Dans (10" monitor)
I didn't ask you the size of ur dic.
thisguy (22" monitor)
well the laws of physics say that that the height and weight of an iphone 4 is reflected on a computer screen
Cap'n Guyanese (15" monitor)
Ay! What say, ye, matie, is the right size, no? And you scurvy land lubbers better say yea, else ye walk the plank! T'is the right d**n size I say!
Wow (32" monitor)
This phone is tiny next to my Note2
Anonymous (23" monitor)
T'IS the right d**n size!

Thank you to Cap'n Guyanese for the correct piratical expression!