Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?

iPod Nano

Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
iPod Nano Actual Size Image


nbarr (17" monitor)
it's reading just near 3.5 inches, and the nano is 3.6 inches high.
vjbvhn (13" monitor)
too short by a little bit
Jonathan (24" monitor)
To Short and a little (Maybe) small on width,
Prolon (22" monitor)
yes to short
Callum (19" monitor)
A tiny bit too small
Hmm… (12" monitor)
Well according to your comments, it seems that to get the correct size, you should put in a slightly lower number than your screen actually is, if you get what I mean.
Anonymous (16" monitor)
@ #2
your dads too short
Mr Chicken (104" monitor)
Katykinz.;] (19" monitor)
Tiny bit too tall.
sarah (17" monitor)
- (24" monitor)
slightly too small like everyone said.
yes #12 (80" monitor)
Everybody try set the monitor size to 80''
Hans (14" monitor)
Try to set the monitor size to 13.50