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iPod Touch 5th Generation


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iPod Touch 5th Generation Actual Size Image


Ari (14" monitor)
Correct... Wow! If you put your screen resolution on HD 1080p you can really see how bright the "iPod touch 5" is! I really want one put the price might be a slight problem since there is no 8gb or 16gb.
lOOk@Meh (14" monitor)
Yesh it correct me an meh budshave 1 ah theze. Theys asum!!!!!
kieria davis (70" monitor)
me no like
jennifer (14" monitor)
woobough (16" monitor)
Awesum!! When I put my ipod touch on the screen it completely matches
GoodCool (14" monitor)
Herp Derp (23" monitor)
Perfect! Exactly the same as my iPod!
Jonas Rush (16" monitor)
This is really cool! I'm getting an iPod touch for Christmas and wanted to see the size of it so thank you for having it here!
Jonas Rush (16" monitor)
Ari there is an 64 gig model for $199 if you didn't know already
Jonas Rush (16" monitor)
woobough you spell awesome like this not like this awesum!!!!!!!
Jonas Rush (16" monitor)
Oops I mint to to say 16 gig motel.
5th generation ipod touch (16" monitor)
5th generation ipod touch's are so cool