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Lapras Actual Size Image


Caleb (16" monitor)
Daniel (15" monitor)
I disagree, Lapras is much bigger.
Me (14" monitor)
My Lapras is a bit smaller... oh no wait that´s a ratata
Antagonist (15" monitor)
Holy Crud. This is smaller than my friggin dog! Lapras is bigger than a HOUSE!!! Honestly, be accurate. This isnt even cclose.
Lindsey (12" monitor)
LMAO, this is about the size of a Lapras FETUS>>
Anonymous (18" monitor)
my pixelized lapras is a bit smaller! you fail!
tombomb (19" monitor)
way too small...
ose asbourn (17" monitor)
Lapras is imaginary
Anonymous (22" monitor)
too small ash and his fit on one lapras together!
TeslaCoilGirl!!! (19" monitor)
Lapras= 8'4"......
TeslaCoilGirl!!! (19" monitor)
How can one get confused a rattata and a Lapras????
Joshua (26" monitor)
Hey ose asbourn -
Lapras is a Pokemon, in the world of Pokemon, it's actually a drawing, as trading cards, toys, figures, posters, tv shows, is in movies, which definitely makes it not imaginary.