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Microsoft Keyboard


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comic :)
a bit too big. just held mine up.
seriously (19" monitor)
i have one of these and it works wonders. i aint lieing. i never get to use my normal keyboard so this one stays plugged in as when i boot up i get this blue screen that says press ctrl alt +delete LOL
Anonymous (20" monitor)
HAHAHA that is some funny stuff
Anonymous (23" monitor)
nuggetman (24" monitor)
a tiny bit too big, the pictures ona angle aswell so you can't really put the real life on up to the screeen to compare
bill gates (19" monitor)
I am not happy with your stupid comments
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Plug this into your Macintosh, use the key combo and let the computer eat you...
MASTER (17" monitor)
thats racist
Collin Farell (13" monitor)
I invented that when I fired mah lazahh at mah key bahhd
Steve Jobs (14" monitor)
Euggggh. PC.