Monopoly Money


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Monopoly money is a type of play money used in the board game Monopoly. It is different from American currency in that it is smaller, one-sided and has different colors. It is around 4 x 2 inches in size. [more]

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Glenn Quagmire (12" monitor)
GiGGiTY GiGGiTY GOO!! are you a parkin ticket? cuz you got fiiinnee written all ova you! Heh heh..... aweee riiight Oh hey, i was just jerkin..outta bed!!
anonymous (14" monitor)
bit big...
anoymous (12" monitor)
a bit big
Ruki (15" monitor)
The Final Art Is Your Dead Face...
Lynduh says.. (16" monitor)
what is the point of know the real size of monopoly moneys? I mean REALLY?!?!?! dang...
johnny (12" monitor)
Dude thats way to big