Motorola Droid


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
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Motorola Droid Actual Size Image


Rawr:3 (18" monitor)
Perfect; Just held my droid up to the screen and it fits perfectly!
Yaknowit77 (15" monitor)
I wish I had one to hold up to the screen. *tear,tear*
Qwerty (14" monitor)
a little too small
fren (19" monitor)
syd! (17" monitor)
its perfect, my droid fits right into it :)
Anonymous (22" monitor)
Perfect fit =]
droid x is better (22" monitor)
... (19" monitor)
i wish i could really use it. VERY useful.
jon (16" monitor)
pic too small. converted image to word and sizer it to manufacturers specs and my image is larger than that. So :'( to pective for this one
jon (16" monitor)