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Nintendo 3DS XL


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The Nintendo 3DS XL, known in Japan as the Nintendo 3DS LL, is an upcoming console with 2 displays - 4.88 inch and 4.11 inch - and dimensions 156 x 93 x 22 mm.

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Nintendo 3DS XL Actual Size Image


Mike (17" monitor)
Absolutely perfect.

I measured my 3DS XL against the one on the screen, and it was spot on, edge by edge

CRiz (16" monitor)
Oh wow! This is great! Would be nice to have an open version of it too. ;)
leimelson06 (16" monitor)
Wow this look really big >.<
I want to sell my 3DS and have this...
lemongrab (16" monitor)
seems bigger on the screen but when i measured it with my 3ds xl it was the exact same size! pretty cool
HoneyBooBoo (16" monitor)
WEOW thats huge! i want one now.
Jesse (10" monitor)
I'm not sure this is correct. I have my 3DS (not XL) here, and this is barely any larger than my 3DS.
Anonymous (11" monitor)
Pretty good size
Pit (16" monitor)
Well god this thing is exact. Haha now I can shoot baddies on a bigger screen! :D
FartFace (16" monitor)
Works purrfect!