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Nintendo dsi


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Nintendo dsi Actual Size Image


Owen (19" monitor)
Just a Tiny bit small,but yeah its the same size
Jordan (13" monitor)
PERFECT, really its just a tiny tiny bit small.
julzieluvme (12" monitor)
omg, i didn't realize how huge DS's are.
Anonymous (11" monitor)
2x too big
MacroStuff (15" monitor)
Looks perfect!
Jessy (13" monitor)
completely toooo big i checked wid my own ds and my ds is even black and its to big sorry
Darby (14" monitor)
way to big and I checked with my ds
Steve (12" monitor)
ummm if you compared it to your ds its gunna be too big, dsi's are way bigger than ds's. i have both so i know there is a big size difference. julzieluvme, jessy and darby, CHECK YOUR FACTS, thats all i have got to say!!
Goldie (19" monitor)
I held my bro's DSi to the screen. Perfect match!
Akemi (12" monitor)
I think this is a perfect fit, even when I had to scroll down a little due to my small screen =p
Anon E. Mouse (20" monitor)
Held mine to the screen --> Nope. 'bout an inch off.
METADRA (14" monitor)
PERFECT! You have to use a credit to get the actual size. Click on your monitor size at the top of this page and choose 'Not sure what your monitor size is ?'.
Salomon (16" monitor)
It matches my dsi perfectly.
Name (20" monitor)