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Nintendo dsi (3)


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Nintendo dsi (3) Actual Size Image


Brett (19" monitor)
Lol it's massive
Anon (22" monitor)
Its bigger than my screen!
tritzia (20" monitor)
its huge! thats not the real size of the dsi!
i have one!
time>rest (15" monitor)
all wrong
Melina (16" monitor)
a little bit bigger, just a hair.
Jupiter (11" monitor)
Just a tiny bit bigger than it should be...(can you smell the sarcasum???)
Lindsey (12" monitor)
Holy **** that's huge.. You'd need a suitcase to lug that thing around. XD
monster (16" monitor)
I asked for actual size, not this big thing.
Grace (15" monitor)
WOW! I was not expecting it to be this BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lolman (15" monitor)
wow that bigger than my screen!
AG (17" monitor)
WOAH! No wonder everbody wants one! You need four people to operate it.

*snigger* Great sizing....