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Nintendo Wii U Gamepad


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The Wii U GamePad is the main controller used by Nintendo's Wii U video game console, distinguished by its 6.2 inch touchscreen display which can provide alternate views to the gamer. Its dimensions are 9 x 5.3 x 0.9 inch.

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Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Actual Size Image


Fapp (19" monitor)
big and FIRSTIES~!!!!!!!!!!!
matt (17" monitor)
Anonymous (14" monitor)
my screen size is 14.01, don't know if this is the right size. :/
matt uk (16" monitor)
only 28% voted correct size

I think I'll search on
Anonymous (17" monitor)
this is compleeeetely wrong! I've seen the actual gamepad and held it before, but when i put in my screen size, IT GAVE A TINY GAMEPAD!!!!!!
CORRECT (13" monitor)
the inches and everything s all stuffed up, use the 'Not sure what your monitor size is ?" link , choose the cd one and put any normal cd on your screen and make the on-screan cd that same size of the real one. i did it and it the game pad looked normal ( which i think is realy big)
Anonymous (23" monitor)
ive got a gamepad, WAY to small