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Nokia N97


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Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Nokia N97 Actual Size Image


anonymous.beast (12" monitor)
it's too small, i know i haven't seen the real n97. but, i'm sure this isn't the actual size.
Sriks (15" monitor)
If you enter the correct size of your screen - It displays the correct size.

Worked well for me - Its the same size outside also
dolmat (14" monitor)
is it smaller than iphone?
User (20" monitor)
too big...impossible
tech freak (19" monitor)
just put the n97 in and the screen size and just compared with my n97 it is showing smaller on screen so was very inacurate
Daniel (15" monitor)
just compared it to my brand new n97 to the image on the screen...perfect fit nice work
JacquesZA (22" monitor)
I have an N97 and held it up to the screen. Perfect fit.
paresh (15" monitor)
viki (16" monitor)