Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?

One Inch


37% voted correct


Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
One Inch Actual Size Image


BRYAN (24" monitor)
TeslaCoilGirl!!! (19" monitor)
I was one inch off on my monitor size. Proportions FTW XDDD
TheNewMike121 (36" monitor)
That's the size of an inch? Gee.
NO_HOMO (15" monitor)
omg!! it was exact!!
Priyank (16" monitor)
This is fail
miaaaaa (19" monitor)
perfect :)
Yo (36" monitor)
Guys if it's incorrect that because YOU HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE WHAT YOUR MONITOR SIZE IS!
Michael Hall (13" monitor)
PERFECT on 13 inch
Hi (11" monitor)
"Yo" is right lol
;) (13" monitor)
Awesome, For all you guys who say it's off... Click the button above the image and configure it. For example I held a nickel up to the screen and then dragged the slider until the nickel displayed was as big as it.
mgn (16" monitor)
1 inch exactly
Deo (23" monitor)
Deo (23" monitor)
Hay, #15 ;), thanks for the hint - finally figured it out.
PaulSwarnendu (19" monitor)
Hmm... Perfect...
ys (6" monitor)
Hmmm So accurate
Ronny Roberge (10" monitor)
measuring it... A bit too big.
Curiousity (17" monitor)
Please show me 9/10, 3/8 other size less than an inch ruler.
Anonymous (9" monitor)
Incorrect, I "think." But my fault, I guessed on my monitor size. Time to try again.
Suggestion!: When clicking the "not sure what your monitor size is?" link, give more options to select? Not many people, I'd think, are going to hold a debit/credit card or an American nickel on them at all times.
100% right (13" monitor)
measure (4" monitor)
My d**k is HUGE
WRONG (19" monitor)
CORRECT (20" monitor)
Amazing. I used my debit card.
Wrong (19" monitor)
It is off the inch is not big enough on 19 in. BTW im not off on my monitor size as the box is right next to me with it on it. 0.0
Holy Chicken (13" monitor)
This is EPIC!!!!!!!!!
19" 16:10 CORRECT (19" monitor)
I am using a 19" monitor at 16:10 aspect ratio (1440x900); it is correct even when changing resolution while keeping the aspect ratio the same. I have no idea if aspect ratio matters, but also keep in mind to have the page at 100% zoom (I remembered I kept the browser at 90% zoom as default).
Johnny Longstocking (13" monitor)
I'm hoping it's wrong. Or I'll be disappointing in bed. :(
Natalie (13" monitor)
Brilliant, thank you !
BOB :P (26" monitor)
does this website let you look up locations on a ruler? Idk if that makes sense but i just found this website and i really need help... where the heck is .27 inches on a ruler?!?
BYnMSJ (10" monitor)
Mine Is 1.1inch..
tjayy (32" monitor)
Oh how i love the internet x)
Angelly (15" monitor)
freddy (13" monitor)
*compares to d**k* hmmm I dont think its that small.
*adjusts measurements* yay my d**k is 22 inches :) :) call me
SAMMY (16" monitor)
HeCo (27" monitor)
thanks - much appreciate!
Salah (12" monitor)
Wow an exact inch!!
grell (15" monitor)
Big Nelly (46" monitor)
If this is true than i have an 8 inch p***s
Mike (47" monitor)
Accurate within a millimeter - 47" TV @ 1080p
Evan (46" monitor)
It worked!
Thai (16" monitor)
Elven (11" monitor)
About the size of an elvish d**k, eh?
John Wulf (19" monitor)
Perfect on my 19 in monitor
ratata (19" monitor)
I used this to measure my d**k it was only 6 inches, feeling sorry for myself
David (16" monitor)
Without a ruler, I cannot be for sure, yet it looks about right.
N (20" monitor)
thank you
Mo (17" monitor)
Thanks! Perfect! I guessed my monitor size.... It was correct!
hii (2" monitor)
jacob (12" monitor)
My d**k is 8 inches that's awesome I'm only 14
Sebastian Abney (2956" monitor)
Jake (15" monitor)
if you typed in the wrong monitor size how do you go back and fix that?
omg who the hell cares (17" monitor)

and that d**k is going to get you a job, right? Don't make me puke.
JAYCOBBBBB (16" monitor)
JAYCOBBBBB (16" monitor)
I think you mis-measured... your mom told me it was only 3''
Just a bit smaller than your girlfriends!
JAYCOBBBBB (16" monitor)
Your mom may have gotten her measurements wrong...
Crackheads do that sometimes.
haha (22" monitor)
Kunal (24" monitor)
wow (9" monitor)
amazing lol
Arwen (16" monitor)
This is perfect!
Muff Licker (16" monitor)
....this is IT !!!!!
Ballsack (30" monitor)
Ballsacks fa dayssss
amazing (13" monitor)
it workkskksk!!!! so cool la like actually i needed to find how big an inch was because i was ordering a dress online and they didn't have US size 0 only size 2 so i had to see if i could fit a size 2 instead of a size 0 yeah im pretty skinny hahah losers
Jonah (10" monitor)
I used my transit card which I know to be the same size as a credit card. It worked.
Klc (23" monitor)
Absolutely Perfect
Babbi (16" monitor)
Amazing! That's one point for team Internet!
Abhi (13" monitor)
Awesome.. The key is to make a correct entry of your monitor size.. One reco would be to highlight that part more when the use enters the website..
JN (16" monitor)
Very cool utility
da (12" monitor)
no does not work
big di*kter (5" monitor)
I thought and inch was about twice that and come to find there is a extra 4 inches
test (14" monitor)
' (22" monitor)
fwiw (15" monitor)
i did everything correct, but the 1" was closer to 6".. so i voted incorrect and it resized the image to a proper inch lol.. sorry for the down vote
Me (22" monitor)
Works...if you know your monitor size. Don't you need a ruler to find your monitor size? At which point you went to this website for no me...
Bob (5" monitor)
I measured my d**k earlier with a ruler it said 8 inch and same did this amazing
SaraAnn (15" monitor)
Spot on- 15 inch. monitor
Fattwiff (4" monitor)
U guys are homos
idk (2331" monitor)
basic_ (22" monitor)
omg my vag is 7 in deep
Dude (48" monitor)
Dude (48" monitor)
Dude (48" monitor)
Works great 10/10
Some kinda guy (19" monitor)
Yeah. Just found out my ruler was off. Thanks
The hell (5" monitor)
I'm disturbed how you figured that out with a phone.
Anonymous (12" monitor)
This work so perfectly! I thought it would be completely off or something!
Perfect for a 70 (70" monitor)
Shelli Fox (3" monitor)
Mine is perfect!