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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (2)


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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (2) Actual Size Image


LoProfile (8" monitor)
Wah so big ... I loike!
LoProfile (8" monitor)
Wah so big ... I loike!
VJ (16" monitor)
Hey its the same size
Abg Handsome (12" monitor)
Very Accurate
Lex (26" monitor)
Awesome. Wanna have one
Dex (24" monitor)
Cool. This sice help me to compare this phone before i buy them. Thanks!
ved (10" monitor)
cooooooooool very accuuuuuu
Supreme (13" monitor)
I want it!
joseph (16" monitor)
This site is great..I can see the actual product.
mr knowledge (18" monitor)
best phone ever.i use the computer mostly doing google searches and craigslit and ite perfect unless your doing or using it to run a business.
mr knowledge (18" monitor)
ive been waiting for a ipad slash phone in one and here it is and i love it
i dont know who i am (10" monitor)
wow this is realy big :D i wanna have one
asdihfgao (19" monitor)
Is this accual size ??
djdora (31" monitor)
mr derp (22" monitor)
im jelly to my friend
wow (4" monitor)
stalker (24" monitor)
its huge .-.
SM (14" monitor)
Ooops. I said it wasn't the right size but it was. Too bad... I liked the first image--the huge phone looked even bigger before it recalibrated to my screen size.
kirat (4" monitor)
its fake when u enter screen size, it adjusts the pic
cw (13" monitor)
i want thisssssssssssssssssssssssssss :O :'(
Hank (27" monitor)
Asus 27"
Jom (23" monitor)
Whoa how the h**l is that thing ever gonna fit in your pocket.
William (27" monitor)
Meh it's not accurate on a 27" screen
Steve (21" monitor)
Yeah I used my debit card to calibrate, and then checked to see if it was accurate to my S2 epic touch and it was pretty accurate, so yeah, note 2 is freakin big, I love it!
John (23" monitor)
Great site. Got a very good idea of the size.
karun (14" monitor)
very accurate...
Kelor (14" monitor)
My whole phone can fit inside of just the screen!
reenEstelle29 (7" monitor) it so much...wanna have 1..
td (17" monitor)
so big. i want one
JJbunny (19" monitor)
OMG. i need this phone. i will do anything for this phone. i"ll even kiss a dogs butt for this phone. Its soooo humongous.
mahaindara (17" monitor)
hqhbqhvbw (10" monitor)
Its off by like 5cm
NO U (10" monitor)
It as big as your mam
sahil (50" monitor)
always accurate