Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (3)


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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (3) Actual Size Image


Notelicious (17" monitor)
F**k YEAH this is one beastly phone
Samsung (15" monitor)
This is the best phone ever, best thing about it is the size and S-Pen.
Farhan (19" monitor)
soo big i like it,
antzost (23" monitor)
too big. how to fix into pocket?
navi (15" monitor)
if you are able to put your hands in your jeans pocket then note 2 will also come in your pocket ....funny talk but real
rike (16" monitor)
i rike it
Blues (19" monitor)
Real men don't put their phones in there pocket anyway. That's what women do.
James (19" monitor)
Then where do "real" mean put their phone @Blue?
eric (15" monitor)
yeah monstrous phone