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Samsung Galaxy S


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Samsung Galaxy S Actual Size Image


Cicely (12" monitor)
If this thing is right, then the Samsung Galaxy S must be pretty dang huge.
Evie (17" monitor)
Measures right on my screen.. and is only 7mm taller than the iphones :p
Blizz (27" monitor)
On my 27" screen the size of Galaxy S is correct
@ThaRealMalikF (15" monitor)
on my 15" its the exact same size as mine
Pepe (20" monitor)
20 inchs wide size is correct!
cypher (42" monitor)
100% accurate on my 42 inch great phone
poison (15" monitor)
great job.its about rit on my 17" screen
Adam (22" monitor)
21.6" screen
100% correct!
Ramesh (14" monitor)
Just checked using the official Samsung site phone specifications and my tailor's tape. Size is correct.
app (14" monitor)
spot on !!
vanquish (17" monitor)
on my 17" screen its the exact size!
krishna (64" monitor)
J'Darian (15" monitor)
Yes this is the right size
Twirlybob (17" monitor)
Weird. On my 17" screen, the phones display (4") is smaller than my Ace 2 (3.8"). I compared both