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Samsung Omnia HD


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Samsung Omnia HD Actual Size Image


Kedar Pendyala (22" monitor)
It is the PERFECT size. Does anyone here have/want this phone. If so, how do you like it?
KotikV (24" monitor)
I think that it is the good size! And the majority of participants of a forum agree with me!!!
James (17" monitor)
Its a perfect size, not much bigger than the original Omnia i900. agree with the size.
Anon (17" monitor)
HTC Touch HD is small and with even bigger screen so it's not the perfect size, it could be smaller without losing screen size.
Umar (17" monitor)
i agree, they cld have reduced the size widout losing the screeen!!!nywayz it still ROXX big time ;))
omar (17" monitor)
i had no idea there were 2 versions of the phone i just bought the original and it's a great phone
Vlado (23" monitor)
Its very nice phone, but pics at night are not so good probably because of led lamp flash...its pretty fast, video rec is good, but u can chose 16:9 only in 1280x720 res...that is dumb...cause when you record in that resolution you use so much memory...example 5min is 100mb... Also you have to download codes and some other stuff so you can watch HD movies...that is even dumber :)
I am very pleased...just to let you know I bought it for 260euros 5months old, with some small scratches... If you want this phone dont bye it in some shop, do it in some private deal :) all best!