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Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)

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Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) Actual Size Image


ilictronixdotcom (22" monitor)
techypiano (19" monitor)
awesome! works great on my 3k
Yorishumi (20" monitor)
A little bit wider and a bit shorter
Kindjal (16" monitor)
I just put my PSP on top of the screen and it's a perfect match.
Cool web site!
Nick (23" monitor)
it's perfect sized! awesome :D
Lola (17" monitor)
I love that this sight is nothing but actual-size-images. This is the kind of boredom curing thing I was looking for... THANKS! (:
S2D (13" monitor)
Perfect, though a bit big. Maybe it's my monitor size.
Anonymous (26" monitor)
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Bit smaller than a PSP1000 on my screen
Zanuha (19" monitor)
Qwerty (14" monitor)
Josué (15" monitor)
U should include the model in the name because not all have the same size. For example my 1000 is bigger than this one because this one is not a 1000. But I did find a 1000 in this site and it perfectly matches my PSP's size: