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Sour Tongues


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Sour Tongues Actual Size Image


Mark (18" monitor)
Awsomely accurate. Yummmy! + I submitted it :P
Jaime (21" monitor)
Wow these things are huge.... are they supposed to be huge?? @-@
George (15" monitor)
Yeah, they are huge..
Never seen them, tough
(maybe becuz i live in europe or something)
Glenn Quagmire (12" monitor)
OH! TOUGH AND HUGE! Giggity giggity just like me!!
anonymous (16" monitor)
they are like ten trillion times their normal size.
me (16" monitor)
what are these?
Anonymous (17" monitor)
They are too big for their normal size.

Although, I'd love to see them in such measurements, hooray for my sugar tooth.
Lindsey (12" monitor)
Omahgawd, I'm hungry nau.. XD
Dennis M. (16" monitor)
The real ones are about 2/3 the size or a bit less.