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Sushy's Hand :3 (2)

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Sushy's Hand :3 (2) Actual Size Image


Carlos Julio (17" monitor)
sushi hand?
Anonymous (17" monitor)
mines bigger ^^
Yhsus (19" monitor)
Mine's bigger and less hairy >_<;
Sushy (22" monitor)
yeah, is my hand :3
Anonymous (14" monitor)
You have small hands.
Mercury (26" monitor)
How small are your hands? there tiny!
Combmatt (22" monitor)
Wow, me and slushy are identical. we even both use Firefox on a 22" screen! x3
aqb (19" monitor)
small hands...
Sushy (20" monitor)
My hand has grown a little...
Travis (15" monitor)
Gave you a High Five XD
Sushy (22" monitor)
well...first of all I don't use firefox xDDDD I use mozilla
anyway, I know my hands are tiny >_>
Anonymous (19" monitor)
I put my sushy's hand up to da screen perfect fit!
Anonymous (14" monitor)
I have small hands XD
me (15" monitor)
#12, reaaaaaaally...
MY sushi's hand was WAAY larger. WAAAAY.
anna (15" monitor)
tht is way too bigof a hand
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Jared (19" monitor)
this is my real monitor size
Jared (10000" monitor)
nah im not really 10000 i was just trying it but from 10000 thats a small hand it looks like 1 pixel
Sarabh (17" monitor)
Mine is bigger :-)
omg (70" monitor)
thats smaller than the atom...