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Xperia Ray

Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Xperia Ray Actual Size Image


anonymous (16" monitor)
too big? too small?
Shinny (10" monitor)
Cant say if its too big or too small, but looks like real, havent seen it on markets yet.. kinda wierd..
anonymous (14" monitor)
quite fit on me if its real, my hand is small
d-bag bitch (10" monitor)
its just like an average airconditioning remote. if you have the one as big as a nintendo wii then ur fhucked!
lover (15" monitor)
size is correct

im an owner
aeorcr (15" monitor)
Exact size if you set your screen diagonal correctly, i have the phone and compare it to the screen, perfect match
chirath (15" monitor)
i think this size is correct.
y (15" monitor)
the size is exact i own one
Rob bizangbigo (17" monitor)
Exact size.
Do set your screen size before checking.