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Zune HD (2)


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Zune HD (2) Actual Size Image


f4fwildcatpilot (25" monitor)
Stephan (18" monitor)
Wow... That is a perfectly sized PMP (for me anyways)
Fabi (19" monitor)
I am ordering one as I am typing this. I am sooooo excited. Looks great
Fabi (19" monitor)
I am ordering one as I am typing this. I am sooooo excited. Looks great
Brandon (22" monitor)
looks great. hahah bought one for Christmas but i still have 3 more days left till i can open it and see how big it really is. haha
Fabi (19" monitor)
I GOT IT. and its perfect size
landin j Brown (15" monitor)
Justin M Brown (15" monitor)
Its perfect size wise the side view is 0.03 millitters off but still accurate. I'm kidding I have no clue but it looks great belive me my friends I am no pro just a awsome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Justin Brown (17" monitor)
Yo was up I am here chilling with my friends in los angleles just watched the oscors I cannot believe that blind side girl won thats stupid wait this isnt my twitter account sorry.
Justin Brown (15" monitor)
Kiddimg bout my last commet!
WHALE (18" monitor)
son you screen size changed between comments?
KillerNuma123 (23" monitor)
A Zune HD is not even close to being as good as the Archos 5. For one, this runs the Android operating system, which is much more sleek than the Zune HD's interface. For another, the hard drive on the Zune is not even CLOSE to being as large as the one on the Archos 5. The Archos 5 comes in hard drive size up to 500GB, which destroys the largest hard drive on the Zune HD, which is only 64GB. Thirdly, this has a better DPI and resolution than the Zune, and it, therefore, looks better playing on the device. And finally, the Archos 5 has a ton of features the Zune HD can only dream about, like having GPS, TV streaming, and best of all, ALL of the Android Marketplace Apps. This device destroys the Zune HD in all respects.
Carlos (4" monitor)
Okay we all know ur an Archos fanboi but really u stupid a*s b***h hear n listen to wat ur saying because ur right the Archos does have a hard drive but ur lame as doesn't know that the ZuneHD doesnt, Zunehd has a flash memory that's y it only goes to 64 GB because thats the highest a flash memory can go dumb f**k just like any iPod or Mac book air ...but idk about u that u think that's a good thing that the Archos has android because all that tell me is that archos dont care about their devices wen their to lazy to make their own U.I. Dumb faget