Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?

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35% voted correct
Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
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way too big on 13"
and on 15" as well...
a bit too long on my 15"
perfect on 17"
cool concept, seems to be the wrong size though :(
Offenso (17" monitor)
Perfect on 17" also.
soybon (13" monitor)
Seriously, how hard can it be to get this right on a 13.3" ?
anony (14" monitor)
too big on 13 def.
#10 (19" monitor)
def not the right size
Anonymous (22" monitor)
close, but not perfect on 22 inch
Go Blue (15" monitor)
Anonymous (19" monitor)
tihs is tailored to YOUR monitor
Anonymous (19" monitor)
not anyone elses
Anonymous (17" monitor)
perfect on my 17 inch
Anonymous (22" monitor)
A tad short on my 22"
all you (19" monitor)
"a bit to long on my 15" are you sure yours isnt 14 or 14.5 or 14.9 like most are
Anonymous (15" monitor)
perfect at 8 inches.
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Bigger on my 19"
Stere0123 (14" monitor)
Too Long On 14'' Thinkpad
Anonymous (28" monitor)
you guys have small monitors lol
Carlos Julio (17" monitor)
perfect on 17.
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Perfect on 20.1"
Anonymous (40" monitor)
Looks like a yard stick on my 40"
Combmatt (22" monitor)
Perfect on my 22"
Andreas (17" monitor)
almost good on 17"
dakid (15" monitor)
perfect on 15.4"
Anonymous (17" monitor)
pretty good on 17"
Ineed to save Money (19" monitor)
Buy good computer's , lol . it works on mine .
boomer (23" monitor)
pretty good on 25.5'
Steve (13" monitor)
@Ineed to save Money

Our computers are probably better than yours.

Also, it is slightly too long.
Steve (13" monitor)
Fix'd. I did 13.4 and not 13.3!
Anonymous (16" monitor)
We are anonymous, we are legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget.
katcelata (15" monitor)
just perfect, and a really useful thing (IE 15") I use it to measure knitting gauge when I am on the go.
PS- (15" monitor)
make sure your computer isn't set to save it at more than 100%!
Anonymous (24" monitor)
perfect on 24"
anonymous (1" monitor)
perfect on my one inch
neale (22" monitor)
perfect on my 22"
Anonymous (15" monitor)
same on my 15.4 in laptop
Anonymous (17" monitor)
worked fine on my 17'', really usefull
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Abbie Rawlings used an online ruler, that is how cool i am:)
Anonymous (15" monitor)
perfect for 15.4
eh (21" monitor)
not bad on 21
yo (21" monitor)
good on 90
Estas? (20" monitor)
Pretty good on 5000
Anonymous (13" monitor)
youre all retarded
non of ya biz (15" monitor)
eh, it was way off
Anonymous (20" monitor)
good on 20 imac
Anonymous (65" monitor)
seems fine on 65'' ON MY TV!!!
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Perfect fit.
Anonymous (24" monitor)
looks good on my 24" (Ubuntu/FF 3.5)
Toad (27" monitor)
I need the ruler to measure my monitor... ???
Daniel (42" monitor)
Bit small... I think my browser (Google Chrome) resizes image to be at their native resolution.
anndj (1" monitor)
this crazy
omgg (12" monitor)
this sucksss
denver city boy (22" monitor)
my pesis is ten in ..looks so small next to my 65in mistubishi tv
time>rest (15" monitor)
the size is perfect, i measured it.
thegirl (13" monitor)
Too big on my 15".
Using google chrome though...
time>rest (15" monitor)
to the people who say the size is wrong:

set the ACTUAL size of the monitor (diagonal in inches), even decimals matter. i measured the diagonal of my notebook display with a ruler and it's 14.95 inches, so i set exactly that.

in case you're european: 1 inch is 254mm or 2.54cm

i measured the 10 inches of the ruler shown on the monitor (my monitor is too small to show all the 12 inches horizontally) with a ruler and it said 25.4cm so the size of the thing is perfect.

PS: somebody tell me: GET A LIFE!
Prof.Frederickson (15" monitor)
I am curious
about the size of my Hp pavillion Netbook,but Im
pretty sure its 12 inches.Just incase i am mistaken,
i checked the size on this: website.But Now I am Still uncertain about the direct increase of its length and width.I havent a ruler nor tape measure in sight,just my laptop and I in this hotel room I have rented for the weekend while staying in san diego for the college international scholastic decatholon.
Jane (15" monitor)
Perfectly accurate on my 15.4 inch
hector (19" monitor)
thank you
Anonymous (15" monitor)
too big on my 13
danny (12" monitor)
yayy i can measure my d**k now!
ziggy (12" monitor)
waaaaay 2 big...
Kimbo (15" monitor)
Works good on my 15" I finally got up to get another ruler just to make sure
Brian (24" monitor)
Seems just right on a 24". ki'e (Thanks!)
Anonymous (14" monitor)
get a life really
Anonymous (14" monitor)
Reecer6 (16" monitor)
Says my 16" is a 12"
purpledinosaurROAR (18" monitor)
anyone got a ruler for comparison?
jeran (22" monitor)
perfect on my 22.
kaploy9 (15" monitor)
(assuming this is correct, instead of blaming the uploader for saying its the wrong size) I think I got my screen size correct now, 15.4 in.

Now to cross-check with my DS to confim the results..
yeah (13" monitor)
looks fine on my 13"
emaily (17" monitor)
:L that woz funny :) I didn't kno wot 2 expect :) lol
BIGMACFURY (18" monitor)
its way too long...
porkchop (17" monitor)
not 100% accurate, but good enough to give me an estimate
sweet bro (20" monitor)
almost perfect on this 20"
Megan (16" monitor)
Oohh...way off :) 15.5 screen. worked perfectly for CD though
kyle (23" monitor)
you guys have small monitors haha!!! seriously
Anonymous (11" monitor)
big inches. subway's $5 footlong would be more like a $5 3 footlong
Maddie (16" monitor)
perfect size on 15.5
DrSilverworm (42" monitor)
Perfect on a 42" 1080x1920. I think screen aspect ration could make a difference. I measured the length of my iphone to check, it was right on: 4.5 inches.
Jonesy (19" monitor)
Perfect on my 19"
anonymous (2" monitor)
you guys are stupid trying to compare the size its only 44% accurate.
meh. (19" monitor)
perfect on 19 for me
meh. (17" monitor)
looks good on 17 but im not sure...
lulZ (15" monitor)
site doesnt know bout ma pixel sizes
Anonymous (2" monitor)
waaaaaaaayyyyyy tooooo biiiiig

wolverine (17" monitor)
use it right - it works perfect u numzskulls!
Anonymous (10" monitor)
No one needs to know (17" monitor)
im using a 14 inch, and i had to set it to 17 inches to make it accurate
KT (10" monitor)
too small
Anonymous (16" monitor)
good on my 16"
lol u guys DO have small computers!
Anonymous (22" monitor)
It's perfect... do you guys just not know how to enter the size of your monitor? I'm running a 21.5"
hey guys (12" monitor)
ummmm................I can't find out how to change the size of the rule =P
hey guys (12" monitor)
hey guys (12" monitor)
I'm running at 45.6"
hey guys (12" monitor)
hey guys (12" monitor)
hottiemickhothot (15" monitor)
me too
Anonymous (18" monitor)
good on 18
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (15" monitor)
im bored
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (15" monitor)
i kow this is sooo boring actually quite lame
Anonymous (24" monitor)
too big on a 24''
Anonymous (17" monitor)
perfect fit on 17"
Anonymous (15" monitor)
15.4, worked great
anamamamamama (17" monitor)
pretty close on 16.5"
Anonymous (19" monitor)
19" Widescreen monitor, ruler is about 1/4 inch too long
LJ (9" monitor)
whole not who
Jen (24" monitor)
Perfect on 24"
LJ (9" monitor)
your monitor isnt exactly a who 9inch or 16inch it may be 9.6 or 16.7 idk but that was my problem
Tony (16" monitor)
fairly close on 16.4
hulashack (9" monitor)
Very handy, especially for shopping online to gauging the measure of a product you want to buy. Thank you! (9" notebook)
adam henry (22" monitor)
perfect on 22"
#1 Mizanin Fan! (13" monitor)
umm, i didnt no what to use this for, i looked up this dog n it said the dog was 13 inches so i looked it up...apparently on here... n found this... so yah, it didnt work
babylexa (6" monitor)
no no no no no no no no no no no no 12 inches off
babylexa (6" monitor)
i love random carrot cake
anonymous (15" monitor)
i need a posting date
Anonymous (10" monitor)
what's the true and actual size of 12" ruler?
BLT (12" monitor)
looks great on 420in projector
Tim (10" monitor)
You guys need to set your dpi to get a proper display size
after adjusting, you can hold a peice of computer paper up to microsoft word and it'll be the same size
maclover (15" monitor)
seriously, how hard is it to get a 12" ruler right?
Anonymous (12" monitor)
not the right size AT ALL
umm hello??? (15" monitor)
this works great! if you enter your MONITOR size!
this can be measured by looking it up,or measuring your screen diagonally.
AnOnYmOuS (12" monitor)
this is waaaaaayyyyy too big!
we used this for my little sister's homework, and it was all wrong!
thankfully, we found a ruler before she handed it in the next day.
rand0mskat3r69 (20" monitor)
not even close on my 56"
yo (13" monitor)
perfect on 13.3 in. Just look for your comp model num on the web and get the monitor's exact dimensions...
chacho (17" monitor)
way off on my 55"
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Perfect on 15.6
Anonymous (1" monitor)
this is
Ashley (1" monitor)
I dont like this at all it doesnt work by any means i evev measured my computer ( not really ) and it didnt work
chito (21" monitor)
21 is perfect
chito (21" monitor)
not too big no too little hd 21
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Perfect for 19"
Anonymous (23" monitor)
You are retarded if you are measuring your computer screen from side to side. You measure it diagonally.
me (19" monitor)
off by .1inch for 19"
David (19" monitor)
Ruler works perfectly on all resolutions, tried several different ratios and they all are exact.

I think many of the negative comments here are from people who either don't know their screen size and think they do, or don't realize you measure diagonally.

Once again, the bell curve 'rings' true. Ha! Ha!

No one will get that joke either.
bimboh (12" monitor)
Thank you, very handy
kof (12" monitor)
Boom Boom
nobby (27" monitor)
great on my 27" beat u's all lol
abanoub (52" monitor)
good on ma 52" LED beat that "nobby"
Anonymous (13" monitor)
this sucks
LJ (14" monitor)
Thanks, perfect on my 14.1"
Kenzyy (18" monitor)
worked on my 15 inch
DL (19" monitor)
Worked on my 19". LOL gotta love those douchebags saying they beat eachother out and thinking theyre awesome with huge tv's. Sorry, I'm not going to go hook up my computer to the 60" in the living room...lame!!!!
sam (27" monitor)
pretty good on 27
aw (21" monitor)
1 inch short on my 21"
Anonymous (13" monitor)
I have a 13" macbook, but it became perfectly accurate when I set my size to 13.3
anonymous (18" monitor)
idk what the heck you do???? can anyone tell me.... thanks
HUGE.TV (19" monitor)
Ellie Landau (12" monitor)
this is the best web sight there ever was!!! thanks soo much!!!
max (12" monitor)
to long
caca (17" monitor)
people you have to type in the size of your monitor to get the correct size on your computer.
bran (12" monitor)
not exactly what i was looking for
Bill the Cat (19" monitor)
Perfect on my 19" std monitor running at 1280 X 1024
Not only do you have to type in the size of your monitor - you need the correct resolution.
Biggun (200" monitor)
Perfect on my 42"
Anonymous (19" monitor)
time>rest, you are correct! Decimals matter.

Yep, it's correct.
Nerxual Oh (19" monitor)
32" on my husband's computer O.o ...
Johnny Depp (90000" monitor)
Fits perfect on my 9000"
Nerxual Oh (19" monitor)
19" :P
Anonymous (15" monitor)
well if it is right, then Subway owe me another half inch of sandwich!
Sym :) (16" monitor)
It was perfect for my computer!
Anonymous (1" monitor)
Anonymous (22" monitor)
my is on 22''
boracay (12" monitor)
accurate at 3"
Emily (15" monitor)
It's perfect on my 15" monitor. Tested it by holding up a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 paper. Thanks, what a great resource!!!
cooleo (17" monitor)
perfect size on 17"
fpyotr (20" monitor)
Perfect correlation on an iMac 20" monitor
iya (19" monitor)
can you print this ruler somehow
Rooby (19" monitor)
This is PERFECT on my 19 inch HD! Seriously not even a little off from a carp. set tape!
Joy (19" monitor)
Worked great on my 19 inch monitor! Thanks!
kenny (24" monitor)
perfect on 24 inch but i need centimeters
Katie (17" monitor)
perfect on 17
Joel (11" monitor)
Are you guys measuring from the base?
Andrew (23" monitor)
Important to measure diagonally
Anoymous (23" monitor)
Fine on 23
Anonymous (14" monitor)
im relieved. ithought my d**k shrank for a second
Anonymous (13" monitor)
Yea it is WAY too big on a 13"
AnOnYmOUs (16" monitor)
WeLL gOOd Onn My 90'' :]
Anonymous (17" monitor)
perfect on 17" :)
Anonymous (17" monitor)
its too big
Anonymous (16" monitor)
seems wonderful on my 16" 16:9 laptop, cheers dawg.

dunno what's wrong with all the numbnuts above.
great! (22" monitor)
oh i thought it was too big but i compared it with my actual ruler. it's perfect on 21.5
Anonymous (17" monitor)
extra 1/8 of an inch bigger each inch
Cassie (16" monitor)
Perfect at 16
doctor (7" monitor)
i hahe 8 inch dia 2 inch cup 2.5 inch
plb1211 (16" monitor)
OK people- your monitor is measured diagonally!!! Of course it is not the same.....
b (6" monitor)
not to bad
College Student (17" monitor)
works well on my 17" laptop
Justin (16" monitor)
Perfect on my 16"
Anonymous (16" monitor)
perfect on 15.4"
Sierra. (10" monitor)
I think you all are a little wierd for taking your time to leave a comment, unless you are like me and have nothing better to do. :)
raj (15" monitor)
horrible size
becca (13" monitor)
perfect on a 12.5!!!! =]
Mark Gherke (19" monitor)
I definitely know it was too small for a 12 incher
Mark Gherke (19" monitor)
I definitely know it was too small for a 12 incher
Anonymous (12" monitor)
holy crow—if this is the actual size of an inch, I'm really only 4'10"
17" (17" monitor)
me (20" monitor)
works great on a CRT 19.5 inch
Anonymouas (9" monitor)
Chi (13" monitor)
even though they say it's 13" it's really 13.3"

works perfectly
Anonymous (20" monitor)
How are we supposed to measure the moniter, we wouldnt be here if we had a ruler!!
Poachman (24" monitor)
Too short
Anonymous (20" monitor)
I have a 22 but it was small so i put it on 20 inch, compare with 11" printer paper to get the right alignment (The smaller the screen the bigger the ruler) :)
alec (15" monitor)
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Worked great on my 16" monitor. I didn't have a ruler to measure my screen size so just looked up my computer model online..
Kimmi (16" monitor)
Perfect on mine.. maybe not entering the correct monitor size so it can calibrate correctly.
Anonymous (24" monitor)
wheres the 24" wide screen aspects?
anonymous (14" monitor)
**measured my d**k against the screen.. if this scale were smaller, then my d**k would be longer by 2 inches in real life.. haha
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Doesn't work
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Looks awesome on my cinema screen
Anonymous (23" monitor)
Perfect on 16 :)
000 (4" monitor)
perfect to measure my p***s
Anonymous (17" monitor)
ok for 17 inch
Anonymous (15" monitor)
15.4" perfect
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Works fine on my 73" Mitsu
beka (19" monitor)
perfect on my 19 inch. now i know how tall the shoes i'm getting off line really are. yikes!
Anonymous (16" monitor)
it goes 2 whatever length your monitor is
7yk3 (19" monitor)
Almost perfect in 19"
Anonymous (16" monitor)
eat a d
connor (8" monitor)
is 7.0 inches big thats my p***s size
anonymous (14" monitor)
works on my 14
Dannydoey (15" monitor)
15.4 works perfect. Ruler tested.
Anonymous (45" monitor)
type in whale bigger than moby d**k
Anonymous (45" monitor)
there is a whale more bigger than moby d**k
Scott (15" monitor)
this is accurate enough
ant (13" monitor)
works fine for me
chip (15" monitor)
perfect on 15.4" laptop
bob (17" monitor)
perfect on 17"
Anonymous (14" monitor)
pressed back to initial page after entering the monitor size 14.1, and it somehow worked!
Anonymous (17" monitor)
close! not quite, needs some adjustment.
anonymous (24" monitor)
to short on my 24''
Anonymous (24" monitor)
Wow! on my 10' my c**k id hugre
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Worked perfect on my 17" MacBook Pro :)
Anonymous (19" monitor)
small bit bigger on a 19''
Anonymous (19" monitor)
smaller bit smaller on a 19'' i meant..
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Perfect on my 17" laptop
Anonymous (4" monitor)
WAY too big 4 me. Its OK w/ me though, good try.
Anonymous (14" monitor)
Perfect on 14"
Anonymous (6" monitor)
Isn't so good
Anonymous (13" monitor)
huge on my 13 inch
its better 2 use
Anonymous (15" monitor)
perfect on 15.4" macbook pro
Random~ (16" monitor)
How is a cat related to a ruler?

Perfect fit on 15.5".
Andy (24" monitor)
If this was right my d**k would be just 6 inches long. These are giant inches.
Andy (24" monitor)
Disaster on a 24 inches Acer LED monitor.
Sean (20" monitor)
Anonymous (10" monitor)
perfect for me. my screen was 10.2
Leatiguh (10" monitor)
Perfect on my iPad :D
me (70" monitor)
not so good. great idea though
Smart guy (13" monitor)
If anyone was f*****g smart they would scroll down a bit and look at the left side of their screen and look at the tags. Over there you can choose the size of your monitor. Stupid.
iwejfiauhsdgiuhasoidjg (25" monitor)
loooks good on 25 inch hp2509m
Retloch (24" monitor)
Perfect for me on 24".
bebe (23" monitor)
accurate on my 23" IPS LED Monitor, I think everyone else better make sure of their monitor sizes, someone might have gotten screwed.
lete (11" monitor)
you people are all wrong u are just measuring ur computer wrong i have an 11incher and it works perfectly
keta82 (12" monitor)
on point. i have a mini laptop and ITS VERY ACCURATE
Unknown (22" monitor)
21.5 Inch Screen perfect
keta82 (12" monitor)
on point. i have a mini laptop and ITS VERY ACCURATE
Munch (20" monitor)
fits onto my 10" screen....
Sibo (22" monitor)
Bang on!
Kat (17" monitor)
>^,,^< ~PurrFect.. 17"
Hunch (14" monitor)
14" perfecto.
Robert (13" monitor)
I hope people realise that all screens are measured diagonally, corner to corner and the ruler is displayed horizontally.
Poke (19" monitor)
Used my debit card because i didn't know the exact size of my schools monitor and it works perfectly. Helped a lot in measuring. Thanks ^^
Unknown (22" monitor)
21.5 inch mac perfect
Beck (10" monitor)
Worked great on hp mini, using a credit my screen is small though, only got 8.75" of the ruler, but it was way useful.....COOL
Anonymous (10" monitor)
I tried doing this on an iPad, then I realized I was zooming in and out. XD
Anonymous (13" monitor)
great on 13 in. measured exactly to my ruler
Anonymous (17" monitor)
I found selecting that I didn't know my monitor size, and then using a dollar bill as comparison, worked excellent. I suggest trying this to get it just right.
HERP DERP (15" monitor)
U MAD (27" monitor)
Way, WAY too big on my 27". why doesn't this just ask for your screen resolution instead? that'd be easy.
Danie (15" monitor)
they have that nifty tool where you can put an object(credit card, coin, dollar bill) on the screen and make the image of that object the same size as the object to figure out your screen size. I didnt know my screen size and couldnt measure it(duh, I googled for this so no ruler) and after sizing the image to my item the ruler worked perfectly. I came back to double check once I found my measuring tape. Its accurate if you adjust it properly.
Krissy (16" monitor)
It's dead on for me.
adrian medel (22" monitor)
why would u ask if its correct? i search for this coz i dont have ruler with me damb a*s, how would i know
Anonymous (24" monitor)
perfect size on my 24 inch
hahahahha (25" monitor)
i dot know
Random Porn Star (20" monitor)
Going by the fact that my p***s is 9.5 inches hard.... i'd say this is about right.
anonymous (19" monitor)
very accurate on my 18.5" screen.
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Buddy11795 from merton (22" monitor)
this website is ok but its a little crapy
Anonymous (16" monitor)
well this really did help and it was perfect on my 15.6 screen.... i needed it to measure an ide drive cable
TLuv (19" monitor)
Monitor 19" - used ruler to check it, right on. Perfect
Anonymous (12" monitor)
12 used ruler and about two inches off.......
Anonymous (17" monitor)
For everyone whose screen is off, it depends on resolution so just say that iyou don't know the screen size and measure according to objects
b101010101 (22" monitor)
If you are touching the screen with your p***s right now, take it off you are gross.
coolboy4531 (Admin)/Goner/ (23" monitor)
Wow, this website is poo im quiting on it.
17in (17" monitor)
perfect on my 17 too
Wans7 (20" monitor)
95% accurancy on my 20" lcd
Niggerlover22 (17" monitor)
yeah dis s**t be perfect on 17 inches n***a
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Close but i'm not sure cuz i dont have a real ruler with me1 ;3
SomethingOfTheNon-Exsisting (20" monitor)
Works to excellence on the 20 inch screen
Jimmy (16" monitor)
The way to go is the size comparison route. You units display size may vary.
unknown (4" monitor)
this makes no sense to me
unknown (4" monitor)
>^. ^<
Anonymous (17" monitor)
My screen is a 17.5 inch and this ruler looks perfect to me. I haven't measured it against an actual ruler, but it looks right.

And also, depending on your connection it might look huge. It always pops up about 3 or 4 times larger when I first open the page, but then it shrinks down to size after a few seconds.
Anon (10" monitor)
ever so lightly too long on my 9.85 in
Mike (19" monitor)
Mine was perfect on 18.5 inch
nerp head (19" monitor)
perfect at 19

BTW if u like turtles eat a banana right now. cuz I'm from canada
banana turtle (17" monitor)
perfect at 17 inch, very useful :)
allie (15" monitor)
good for me!
Random Dude (14" monitor)
According to this ive got a 5 inch c**k. And its Right. PS im 14.
Casey (22" monitor)
Perfect on my AOC 22"
Anonomous (21" monitor)
work fine with "21" monitor
Janice (22" monitor)
Perfect for 22"
Hot&Ready (19" monitor)
Hey random dude I really want a d**k in my a*s.
RArriaga (18" monitor)
I did not assum the size of my monitor not blindly follow the size that is indicated by the manufacture of my monito and employed the calibration tool attaced to this program. Doing so, and then checking with a yard stick the image shown is accurrate.
d (15" monitor)
it's too small for 15" by 3/4"
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Much too large on 19"
Anonymous (15" monitor)
To everyone who says this is wrong, it isn't. Most of you probably used the manufacturer size, which is actually an estimate. 15" is usually 15.4", etc. 15.4" works for mine.
14.1" (14" monitor)
fairly accurate on 14.1"
Anonymous (23" monitor)
works great on 23". spot on.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
All the people saying that it's much too large and stuff, I don't think you realise that you have to change your monitor size on here for it to adapt. Mugs
anonymous (22" monitor)
depends on ur moiter size weather its acurate or not i guess :P
Anonymous (12" monitor)
I dislike Biology :(
Ahmad (20" monitor)
100% Correct on 20 inch
Guest (10" monitor)
Fine for chrome on 10" netbook.
terry buchanan (15" monitor)
cool tool!! Got a chance to use my Euro coin, for yet another interesting purpose. :)
Anonymous (10" monitor)
My p***s grew! :D
Flynn (23" monitor)
11 and a half inches exactly on my 23 inch monitor, yet when i drag it onto my (don't mean to brag) second monitor (15 inches) it's also 11 and a half inches.
Jaezilla (13" monitor)
How the h**l am I supposed to know the size of my screen without a ruler?
Ultramarine (10" monitor)
This was perfect ruler
*kills ork*
*get's shot by tryanid*
*kills tyranid*
Kim (15" monitor) (15" monitor)
Exactly 1/16" OVER actual size.
marcus (4" monitor)
on my for inch kindle its a peice o s**t not even close
Amphryde (24" monitor)
According to the ruler I used(a small 6 inch) it's perfect on a 24inch monitor.
Bob (16" monitor)
ooops, that's a 15.6" screen on my Dell Inspiron 1545, it works perfectly! Thanks for this provision, I'm handicapped and use it often.
Bob (16" monitor)
Works perfect on Dell 15"
Anonymous (19" monitor)
actually mine is right on point :) good website.
Anon (22" monitor)
@Jaezilla. What size did they sell you, you nugget.
Anon (22" monitor)
It works if you know how to use it. I really isn't that hard.
Jameserpoo (22" monitor)
Spot on, Dell ST2220L (21.5")
peter (13" monitor)
seems perfect on a 13inch mac
jodiinaustin (16" monitor)
Usually things just don't seem to work for me but this one did. It's freakin' AWESOME! Also, exactly what I needed to know what size travel/cosmetics bag I needed to purchase online. I'm sharing this link...
Anonymous (3" monitor)
Vijay (14" monitor)
Exact measurement!! Awesome!
James (21" monitor)
I hooked up an old 8 inch, changed the resolution... Didnt fit right
Melissa (18" monitor)
Pretty close, just like a cm away on my 17.5
Alex (14" monitor)
nothing but C***!!
Alex (14" monitor)
Not even close >:(
Anonymous (9" monitor)
Muhammad Farooq (16" monitor)
Perfect on 15.6"
pagiii (18" monitor)
I found it to be within a 1/16 of an inch but you have to put in the exact dimension in my case 18.1
polly (16" monitor)
Special (14" monitor)
INCORRECT! It said that my moniter is 15.7, but it is really 13.5 exactly.
Anon (20" monitor)
Why can't I change the screen size? Now I'm stuck with the wrong size. Stupid.
tablet (10" monitor)
this doesent work on 10.1 inches 1980 by 800
mike (32" monitor)
perfect, thank you!
Kan (16" monitor)
perfect on 15.6
Elly (19" monitor)
WHAT?? it's a 21 in. soo the 19 in. thing it just said is wrongg
Elly (19" monitor)
Perfect Size :) for a 21"
SM (17" monitor)
I used their generator & a debit card to adjust the size. Works perfectly. Not sure why people are having a hard time, perhaps you should try it a different way?
Me (20" monitor)
Used a CD to adjust the size and then measured it against a measuring tape. Pretty perfect actually.
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Perfect on my 16, I used a sheet of paper (8.5 by 11in.) to estimate and to check, worked perfectly.
Anthony (19" monitor)
It shouldn't surprise me, but there are a lot of idiots here. If you set up your monitor size correctly, it works. I used a US nickel to set the size and US penny to check correctness (a US penny is 1/16" thick, a stack of 16 pennies is 1" tall, and a row of 16 edge to edge is 1 foot long).
Anonymous (15" monitor)
too big on 15 inches
sdmitch16 (15" monitor)
Is the monitor size they give across or diagonal? I ask because a different site said my monitor was .4 inches more than pective did.
Anonymous (14" monitor)
Just because it gives a small size for your d**k doesn't make it a wrong estimate; I hate to break that to everyone.
james "Grumpy" opella (17" monitor)
your measurement with a disc was right on the money! thank you.
anonymous (17" monitor)
this is frigging shiitt
Jaz (11" monitor)
Heap of s**t
Justin (23" monitor)
Really close, if not exact on my 23". Nice!
Anonymous (3190" monitor)
Me no gusta!!!!!!!!!!!
this no frikkin work
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Anonymous (10" monitor)
If I use this thing to measure my body, my third leg is a flagpole. The inch show is about 2 inches in real life.
Ryan seero (20" monitor)
d**n my d*ck is too big to measure on my 27 inch screen:/ ohh well looks like ill be using the meter stick.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Wht the F**k does my 27' screen look like a freaking 12'??
Anonymous (13" monitor)
Anonymoua (14" monitor)
perfect on 14"
anonymous (17" monitor)
It's a perfect 12" on mine......when i fold it in half!!!!!!!
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Hello thar.
Macy (17" monitor)
Perfect on a 17'' screen! I accidentally clicked "incorrect" though. :(
Anonymous (8" monitor)
It stays on the same size for me
Anonymous (8" monitor)
This isn't close
Bradley (6" monitor)
Theawesomestpersoneverexisting (13" monitor)
great! cool and accurate! it helped me with my homework! :D
Anonymous (13" monitor)
@ Bradley
you have a 6" monitor. :D
Theawesomestpersoneverexisting (13" monitor)
thanks to this my math homework is finally finished!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! :D
peoplelikemearesmart (13" monitor)
Seriously most of the people who said it didn't work entered the wrong monitor size!
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Some people probably aren't realizing your SCREEN SIZE IS MEASURED DIAGONALLY..... NOT HORIZONTALLY it works fine for me on my 15in mac, so if you got a pc and your having problems that could be the reason too
Dobby (16" monitor)
Hey people after inputing your monitor size get an actual ruler and "Calibrate" your size to screen, so measure the ruler on your screen with a known hand ruler? Messure the applet size and either increase or decrease the monitor size changer until the measure onscreen measures as close to real as possible then remember the moitor selection in order to fit your on screen experience, this way you can bookmark the site with that setting and have at least a portable ruler on screen pretty close the most accurate you can adjust. It still is useful and is intuitive.
gid (20" monitor)
Far too big on my dual monitor display
raj (17" monitor)
I don't know my monitor size
liampaynelover (70" monitor)
good concept but not right measurement
ion (16" monitor)
for those saying its not the right size try right clicking on the image and click view image and see. (dont zoom in)
Josh (23" monitor)
beautiful, just adjust it til it fits...
Tejas (15" monitor)
They should ask for your screen resolution rather than screen size!! This will fix their 'too big'-'too little' issues..
Anonymous (18" monitor)
Anonymous (16" monitor)
how am i supposed to know if it works when i dont have a ruler to measure the size of my monitor!
Anonymous (27" monitor)
Insanely short on my 27 D:
anila73 (20" monitor)
Close enough.
Anon (15" monitor)
6 inch circle? Perfect. 12 inch ruler? 2/16th of an inch off.
mw (16" monitor)
Perfect once I got the screen size correct - 16.28 screen
Anon (10" monitor)
This makes my credit card 6 inches long, I don't think so...
robert arsely (16" monitor)
my email
Anonymous (14" monitor)
im high
Why do you want to know (14" monitor)
once i done a size it will not let me pick again???????????/
Anonymous (19" monitor)
did fine to me!
cricket (15" monitor)
If I had a ruler to check the accuracy, I wouldn't have been searching for this online ruler!! :-) I think it looks reasonable on my 15 in macBook Pro monitor...
doug (19" monitor)
you all should just use a piece of computer paper.. 8.5 inches by 11 inches...
Perfect (17" monitor)
On my 17!
Hi (16" monitor)
Dang!! Impressive this is perfect size
19" 16:10 CORRECT (19" monitor)
I am using a 19" monitor at 16:10 aspect ratio (1440x900); it is correct even when changing resolution while keeping the aspect ratio the same. I have no idea if aspect ratio matters, but also keep in mind to have the page at 100% zoom (I remembered I kept the browser at 90% zoom as default).
Ok, but... (27" monitor)
Shouldn't this app also ask for aspect ratio?

Worked good on a 27" 16:9 screen, but I can't imagine how this would work on a 16:10, 5:4 or 4:3 screen...

I guess that's why so many ppl report wrong length...
ILOVEHARRY (20" monitor)
19" monitors get reasonably good rulers on the screen, so change your screen to 19" and it might work(:
Anonymous (17" monitor)
17" works perfectly
Anonymous (16" monitor)
15.6" perfect checked with standard A4 paper be sure to give it your diagonal length
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Perfect on 15.5
fgfhf (5" monitor)
YOLO:p (34" monitor)
this thing confusing!!!! :P
BOB :P (26" monitor)
I'm confused.......
BOB :P (26" monitor)
What the heck is a monitor?!?
Bob (16" monitor)
This helped greatly with my project. Works GREAT on 16.2
izy (16" monitor)
perfect on a 15 inch
josh mills (14" monitor)
is the 3 inch right because if so i need a doctor
josh mills mom (14" monitor)
i will take you now dont you worry
Anonymous (13" monitor)
Who here is measuring the size of their d**k
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Helped with my project, ruler was great! same size as my d**k so i believe it is correct!
Anonymouse (16" monitor)
I out my d**k next to it and it seemed a bit off
Kitty Kat (9" monitor)
bgb (20" monitor)
acurate but require option to make vertical ruler
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Jack (10" monitor)
if this is right my d**k is 12in long
Anonymous (15" monitor)
;love a ruler
minato (12" monitor)
minato (12" monitor)
satisfied (16" monitor)
works perfect, just use the screen calculator thing. I did it with a u.s. bill.
satisfied (16" monitor)
works perfect, just use the screen calculator thing. I did it with a u.s. bill.
Anonymous (16" monitor)
perfect on my 15.6"
Anonymous (23" monitor)
Nearly perfect on a 23" 1920x1080 ASUS monitor. Checked using a 8.5x11 page (US), and matched to within 1/16".
jangid (16" monitor)
i want to you answar is my one qusation .

sixteen inch black mark.

king (23" monitor)
Close enough after using the CD comparison tool. Thanks!
Greeno (22" monitor)
Good on 21.5"
FAD (14" monitor)
perfect on my Dell D620 14.1" display
Potatoto (17" monitor)
This worked perfectly, you just need to adjust it correctly
Anonymous (19" monitor)
Perfect. Used credit card method. Confirmed with actual ruler. Very clever.
anon (13" monitor)
perfect on a 13'
Anonymous (12" monitor)
there are ads on the side
Matt (22" monitor)
22.01 inches on a 22 inch monitor.
Imalwaysright (22" monitor)
itrytobeanonymous (22" monitor)
Elizabeth? Hey long time no see. =D
imalwaysright (22" monitor)
Lila, change your name. Sara has the same name as you.P.S your comment is gonna be deleted becaues its OFF TOPIC.
imanonymous (22" monitor)
Okay first off, you could've of said hi,2nd I changed it.Happy?P.S "mom", you dont have to be so bossy.
Itrytobeanonymous (22" monitor)
where can i find the centimeter ruler?
imalwaysright (22" monitor)
You cant sara.
Itrytobeanonymous (22" monitor)
Guys plz stop.Lets go to that page we used to go to.k?
Imanonymous (22" monitor)
Imalwaysright (22" monitor)
To be continued Lila.
Imanonymous (22" monitor)
Owner if your reading this, feel free to delete these(Although you already have the power to,you know what i mean.Or at least i think you do)
ivegotamac (28" monitor)
My computer cant show 28". :( also, could you make it available for phones pls...? :) tnx
I too am anonymous (16" monitor)
I'm not sure what to do with this new found power. I can measure things if I hold them up to my screen. (On an unrelated note would anyone like to buy all the rulers laying around my house?)
Keeping_With_The_ Trend_Just_Call_Me_Anonymous (17" monitor)
The ruler was spot on for my 17".
Anonymous (4" monitor)
taylor (4" monitor)
perfect on 14"
AK (16" monitor)
Looks right on 15.6" screen
Anonymous (22" monitor)
FULL SCREEN? need more than 12"
Sam (14" monitor)
Greg (106" monitor)
Great On TV
Aunoi (40" monitor)
Xyu (17" monitor)
aspect ratio matters
neo (14" monitor)
mine perfect 14.1 inches diagonal :)
name (23" monitor)
About an inch longer than it should be on 23"
Hunter (21" monitor)
Almost perfect on 21
whore (50" monitor)
slutty people say ho
h***y b***h right here holla
name1 (13" monitor)
For those who think the ruler size is "off" on their screen, use the following steps:

At the top of the page, there's a link that gives your monitor size. If you click on it, you can change the dimensions. This is an easy fix if the website didn't accurately determine your screen size, and you know what your screen dimensions actually are.

If you don't know your screen size, or think it's still displaying inaccurately:

1. Click on the "Not sure what your monitor size is?" link.

2. You will see several options of common items you may have with you (CD, credit card, etc.). Pick one that you have available to actually compare to your screen. I used the credit card.

3. Put the item directly on your screen (don't cover the picture entirely), and move the slider bar until it matches exactly the size of the item you chose. This adjusts for any setting differences (screen resolution, browser settings, etc.) that may prevented the ruler from displaying correctly.

You should be able to get an accurate ruler on screen after using this set-up process. Good luck!
Parlin (15" monitor)
Absolutely perfect. I loved the alternative for setting it. Used a credit card, adjusted to that size as directed and the resulting ruler was correct. I agree with the comments about measuring the monitor screen. They are NOT usually the advertised size and the decimals do matter here.
Anonymous (13" monitor)
works fine on my 13" monitor
Anon (20" monitor)
Perfect on my 20 inch
ebertek (13" monitor)
It's absolutely perfect on a 13.3" MacBook Air.
Tom (4" monitor)
It's absolutely perfect on a 13.3" MacBook Air
Tom (4" monitor)
100km to miles
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Works wonders on my 8 inch penetrator
BM (17" monitor)
Only 1/16 off at 12 inches. 17inch. Calibrated.
Anonymous (8" monitor)
Good :)
DANI (16" monitor)
My screen is 15.6", and I entered this in. I measured a standard credit card to test the ruler; according to the ruler on this site, the credit card is 3.6" in length. A standard credit card is 3.70" in length, so the ruler is a bit off.
Sandra (20" monitor)
Perfect for 20" monitor.
jl (26" monitor)
perfect on 26"
popme35 (12" monitor)
Is there any centimeters?
Ahmed (32" monitor)
Would be better if you add Resolution and Screen size because there seems to be some inaccuracy. Also when using you can use pixel density to set the image at, would be better and more accurate, because you can have a 720p 32" and 1080p 720" and the size is different.
josh (43" monitor)
Some people are just morons. Used dollar bill and it worked great. If you want 100% accuracy, go out and buy yourself a ruler. Use the tool provided to match your screen size. Dani, with credit card size, are you the credit card size police? get a life. lol
AjayKumarBasuthkar (23" monitor)
It's fair enough and fulfills my need like measuring paper size. Estimating size of other materials.
Anon (12" monitor)
Professionals spend hundred of dollars on very accurate rulers. Don't rag on this site because it's a few percentiles off. Go downstairs and get your tape measure you lazy bones people, that's why you're on this site anyway. It's close enough.
Anon (12" monitor)
Good enough on my 12 inch. MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE CORRECTLY! when you compare with coin or credit card, you should not be able to see the picture if you place the object over your screen. Go from small to big until you can see the picture, then go back one tick. perfect.
Anon (8" monitor)
Extremely big for a 25.5in
None of Your Business (15" monitor)
I did the same thing and that made it too small. More accurate if you don't change the monitor size.
None of Your Business (12" monitor)
How does that help?
you don't need to know (16" monitor)
didn't work for me
Sarax (11" monitor)
Starts off good on an 11 in but then becomes to big (1/2 in off) after inch 2.
MercedesBenzMeOvaPlz (4" monitor)
My screen is way too small. It said smaller than a 4 1/2" But probably tru, im ona Samsung Galaxy S 111.
Anon (17" monitor)
about 1.5 inches too long on a 17". I even checked.
beck (13" monitor)
used compact disc on computer about 13.28 inches (europe) and was perfect.
Anonymous (4" monitor)
i need a new computer
Anon (18" monitor)
pretty good on mine! (18/17 inch)
itsa (27" monitor)
1/16" too long.
zhao (13" monitor)
perfect on 13.3
Anonymous (15" monitor)
So sad: the "accuracy" of 34% means 66% are too dumb to calibrate their monitors correctly... and evidence that those who use metric (48%) are smarter :)
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Did it on a 17", it was perfect. Broke out the ruler to check the accuracy and the markings matched exactly.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
yep that is about the length of a footlong
The Doctor (9" monitor)
Join my Clash of Clans clan-

Classy Knights
Healios (17" monitor)
So lose for 17
Anonymous (3793" monitor)
I can hardly see it on my monitor, i think it's broken.
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Make sure your browser size is 100% and not above or below.
Anonymous (18" monitor)
just measured my d**k thank you.
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Honestly, y'all need to get a life! NO ONE CARES HOW BIG YOUR D**K IS!!!!!!! NOR DO WE CARE THAT YOU MEASURED IT!!! It works if you actually know the right size of your screen, you don't need to post comments about anything else.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Perfect on a 15.4" MBP Retina.
Anonymous (19" monitor)
all you people in the comments saying its to not right on specific screen sizes... you need to calibrate the website to your screen first...
migs (5" monitor)
who based 1 foot ruler
personface (17" monitor)
Why is there a comment page. Kind of unnecessary?
Anonymous (4" monitor)
Doesn't work at all on a touchscreen device
DanH (25" monitor)
25" Perfect;]
Gghj (1920" monitor)
unhappy customer (23" monitor)
I wanted an actual size of 13'' to measure my YUGEEE c**k, but the measurement on the screen is off- I know my d**k ain't that small! its 13'', YUGEEEEEE.
Nabster (17" monitor)
I think this works a lot better if you use a coin or card to set the screen size.
Komai (16" monitor)
Owh, thank you it works
Anonymous (19" monitor)
We are anonymous, we are legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget.
shaquan (14" monitor)
it seems to work
Anonymous (22" monitor)
Anonymous (26" monitor)
How many people are actually entering in their monitor size and hitting save? Most seem to just think it automatically loads.. lol
Barok (4" monitor)
This doesn't help me much