Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?



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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
ds Actual Size Image


Max (20" monitor)
Melina (17" monitor)
exact size, but in real life seems to be bigger....weird
Anonymous (13" monitor)
Anonymous (8" monitor)
JAC (22" monitor)
Wow, my red ds sits in the white square pictured above.
Crys (14" monitor)
It's smaller than mine. :o
kaploy9 (16" monitor)
Whoa, I never noticed how... tiny.. the buttons were. Now they seem small even on mine! :/ (at least I now know my screen is around 15.5 inches though)
kaploy9 (15" monitor)
(corrected now, 15.4 inchs.) (use the ruler image to find the right size, as I believe it's pretty accurate)
Joe (13" monitor)
haha i cant tell
tony (200" monitor)
you all lose the game
Reece (14" monitor)
Woah on my 14.1" its way too small compared to mine!
Reece (14" monitor)
But on the other hand the stylus is just the right size :L
good (15" monitor)
good size man
james (20" monitor)
please,if your gonna post a picture,USE YOUR OWN PICTURE,NOT A PROMOTIONAL PICTURE.
anna (15" monitor)
aysia (16" monitor)
haha it fits perfect
on mine
my screen size is 16
tony (15" monitor)
it's PERFECT SIZE people! the 37% that are saying it's too small you have the DSi. dumbos... lol.
nuggetman (24" monitor)
PERFECT! looks small but when you put up to the screen its fine!
ninny (14" monitor)
pretty real............
Reecer6 (17" monitor)
Sorry, I was the Reece above and I had the wrong monitor size. It's perfect now.
alex (: (19" monitor)
its smaller than mine :L
jim (16" monitor)
it is good i have 15.6 inch
My ds fits perfectly
jim (16" monitor)
it fits perfectly and excactly
peoplelikemearesmart (13" monitor)
what is this supposed to do?
Gale (20" monitor)
close but not correct computer size 43
megan (10" monitor)
there is a tiny bit of space but apart from that amazingly perfect