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5 inches


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5 inches Actual Size Image


Mr Cresent Waters (36" monitor)
This is a splendid, marvelous chart. I adore the way you can can change the monitor, splendid! Absolutely amazing!
tino (24" monitor)
wow.. my friend said his p***s was 5 inches... that's kinda... small..
tino (24" monitor)
oh yeah. i'll change it now.
Cece (15" monitor)
This thing is accurate. Thanks guys ;) Also.. Tino.. your monitor must be the wrong size. It's actually quite big.
asd (15" monitor)
cheeky (4" monitor)
I just wanted to see how big an average p***s is n.n
BM (17" monitor)
Holy C**p! 5 inches is actually freakin big. I was wondering about average penises too.
Theodore McFakename (14" monitor)
I now know how long 5 inches really is. This is good
remmy blake (16" monitor)
5 inches is TINY, come on guys. I don't know how girls cope with small c***s lol
PEN*S INSPECTOR (24" monitor)
Anonymous (17" monitor)
hahaha thoses comments are killing me
amx (20" monitor)
I was here to check the size of a tattoo.. you're all pervs :')
mlm (4" monitor)
Haha five inches for a p***s is small
I was too (21" monitor)
Seems everyone was here to see how big a 5" d**k is.
Pathetic men... (27" monitor)
I bet most of the people here who are laughing at "5 inch d*cks" believe p***o to be an accurate representation of average p*nis size.
Sally (8" monitor)
Wow people need to stop fretting about there p***s size man I'm a girl and I don't really care about who long or thick a p***s is as long as it does the job
miss suduction (5" monitor)
A smal spade ND a big spade might do the same job bt they finish at the same tym,so i bliv size does matter
Jak (13" monitor)
Am I the only one who want to check the size of index card, not a d**k?
jeremy (7" monitor)
I think that i am the only one looking for phone size.
L0€K|€ (19" monitor)
@ jeremy

grace (14" monitor)
haha me to jeremy
jackie (12" monitor)
anonymous (12" monitor)
@Jeremy No you aren't
guy (21" monitor)
well apparently seeing the size of a 120mm fan doesn't draw people here....
anon (16" monitor)
i was here to measure d**k size also
blank (6" monitor)
what the heck?????
deriously people and i thought i was a pervet!
10 inch BIG D (7" monitor)
My cockasaures nearly triple
Anonymous (7" monitor)
I just was wondering how big a 5 inch heel was. Don't care about the tiny D**k bergade
Anonymous (15" monitor)***s-size?CMP=fb_gu
Anonymous (13" monitor)
wow glad im not the only one using this for d**k size reference lol
I was wondering too... (5" monitor)
I'm 16; it's great to be curious. P**is size is an important topic.
I was wondering too... (5" monitor)
I thought 5 inches was smaller. (50" monitor)
Is this real helping. I don't know.
Jhaydon smith (8" monitor)
I think I'm the only one looking for a screen size for a phone
Zach (23" monitor)
Mines 7 and a half...
Vrloc (23" monitor)
It is not accurate at all, my monitor is 23 inches and by that scale of image i actually have a 29 inch monitor
Hayden (5" monitor)
I think I'm the only one using this as reference for writing. Nothing to do with penises.
av D (13" monitor)
yeah five inches is longer than i thought. Here to measure as well.
jon (15" monitor)
Zach. 7 and a half... what? cm lmao