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5 inches


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5 inches Actual Size Image


Mr Cresent Waters (36" monitor)
This is a splendid, marvelous chart. I adore the way you can can change the monitor, splendid! Absolutely amazing!
tino (24" monitor)
wow.. my friend said his p***s was 5 inches... that's kinda... small..
tino (24" monitor)
oh yeah. i'll change it now.
Cece (15" monitor)
This thing is accurate. Thanks guys ;) Also.. Tino.. your monitor must be the wrong size. It's actually quite big.
asd (15" monitor)
cheeky (4" monitor)
I just wanted to see how big an average p***s is n.n
BM (17" monitor)
Holy C**p! 5 inches is actually freakin big. I was wondering about average penises too.
Theodore McFakename (14" monitor)
I now know how long 5 inches really is. This is good
remmy blake (16" monitor)
5 inches is TINY, come on guys. I don't know how girls cope with small c***s lol
PEN*S INSPECTOR (24" monitor)
Anonymous (17" monitor)
hahaha thoses comments are killing me
amx (20" monitor)
I was here to check the size of a tattoo.. you're all pervs :')
mlm (4" monitor)
Haha five inches for a p***s is small
I was too (21" monitor)
Seems everyone was here to see how big a 5" d**k is.
Pathetic men... (27" monitor)
I bet most of the people here who are laughing at "5 inch d*cks" believe p***o to be an accurate representation of average p*nis size.
Sally (8" monitor)
Wow people need to stop fretting about there p***s size man I'm a girl and I don't really care about who long or thick a p***s is as long as it does the job
miss suduction (5" monitor)
A smal spade ND a big spade might do the same job bt they finish at the same tym,so i bliv size does matter
Jak (13" monitor)
Am I the only one who want to check the size of index card, not a d**k?
jeremy (7" monitor)
I think that i am the only one looking for phone size.
L0€K|€ (19" monitor)
@ jeremy

grace (14" monitor)
haha me to jeremy
jackie (12" monitor)
anonymous (12" monitor)
@Jeremy No you aren't
guy (21" monitor)
well apparently seeing the size of a 120mm fan doesn't draw people here....
anon (16" monitor)
i was here to measure d**k size also
blank (6" monitor)
what the heck?????
deriously people and i thought i was a pervet!
10 inch BIG D (7" monitor)
My cockasaures nearly triple
Anonymous (7" monitor)
I just was wondering how big a 5 inch heel was. Don't care about the tiny D**k bergade
Anonymous (15" monitor)***s-size?CMP=fb_gu
Anonymous (13" monitor)
wow glad im not the only one using this for d**k size reference lol
I was wondering too... (5" monitor)
I'm 16; it's great to be curious. P**is size is an important topic.
I was wondering too... (5" monitor)
I thought 5 inches was smaller. (50" monitor)
Is this real helping. I don't know.
Jhaydon smith (8" monitor)
I think I'm the only one looking for a screen size for a phone
Zach (23" monitor)
Mines 7 and a half...
Vrloc (23" monitor)
It is not accurate at all, my monitor is 23 inches and by that scale of image i actually have a 29 inch monitor
Hayden (5" monitor)
I think I'm the only one using this as reference for writing. Nothing to do with penises.
av D (13" monitor)
yeah five inches is longer than i thought. Here to measure as well.
jon (15" monitor)
Zach. 7 and a half... what? cm lmao
Me (13" monitor)
Everyone's here for d**k comparison and here I am trying to figure out how big my new phone will be.

new phone lmao (6" monitor)
im just looking at the size for my knew phone
Hunter (10" monitor)
Wow people, I was just here to check the size for a phone i ordered
xXLightning25Xx (2532" monitor)
Haha I shrank the bill real tiny haha my monitor size or whatever is not that small/big. (I'm confused.)
xXLightning25Xx (2532" monitor)
I like my username:)
xXLightning25Xx (2532" monitor)
Hey guys, I got a little quiz. I want to see if you can find the difference! :D

WTF (4" monitor)
So all I wanted to do was check how wide a 5 inch funnel for changing oil was, except I'm on my 4 inch phone and the picture doesn't fit...
TauGuy (6" monitor)
@xXLightning25Xx my username is better, it goes with my screen size( If you don't know what tau is, it is pi times 2)
Me (8" monitor)
I wonder how many people were just wondering the average p***s size......
Cf (8" monitor)
I'm 14 and my sick is bigger than 5 inches!!!! Holy c**p!!!
Ozzie (21" monitor)
I was looking for a phone size, BLU Advance 5.0, the display on that phone is 5 inches
Harambe (10" monitor)
Well isn't this awkward. People wondering the same.
Madauce (7" monitor)
Thats kinda....big