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American Penny


62% voted correct
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American Penny Actual Size Image


5ty (19" monitor)
ya motha (17" monitor)
Anonymous (22" monitor)
Again, I don't understand someone not voting this as accurate... it's perfect.
austin (25" monitor)
i couldnt get a jobe
austin (25" monitor)
i would compare a pennie but im to poor
Anonymous (17" monitor)
compared a penny an its exactally on the money
an austin is da bom
oh jeez... (19" monitor)
austin omg you are so poor you dont even have a penny, but you have a 25 inch moniter? really? wow... (perfect size on my comp btw)
Wendy (16" monitor)
A penny is all I could find in my wallet so it's the only thing I can compare haha. Perfect fit, btw.
Ronny Roberge (10" monitor)
Must not be true, because it's as big as my nickel.
Anonymous (16" monitor)
Too Big
megacharlie159 (20" monitor)
i held a penny up to the screen. good job guys!!!