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Archos 5


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Yep. just put mine against the screen
mb00 (17" monitor)
I'm all giddy for this archos...but am still torn between this or the zune hd. Anyone have any suggestions?
Fabi (19" monitor)
mb00, I am already decided. A Zune HD, is your best shot. Better quality on viewing your media. added onto that, this thing is huge. They are called PORTABLE media players for a reason
KillerNuma123 (23" monitor)
Fabi, you are totally wrong. A Zune HD is not even close to being as good as this. For one, this runs the Android operating system, which is much more sleek than the Zune HD's interface. For another, the hard drive on the Zune is not even CLOSE to being as large as the one on the Archos 5. The Archos 5 comes in hard drive size up to 500GB, which destroys the largest hard drive on the Zune HD, which is only 64GB. Thirdly, this has a better DPI and resolution than the Zune, and it, therefore, looks better playing on the device. And finally, the Archos 5 has a ton of features the Zune HD can only dream about, like having GPS, TV streaming, and best of all, ALL of the Android Marketplace Apps. This device destroys the Zune HD in all respects. Thank you.
Anonymous (17" monitor)
the archos is like a computer im gonna get an archos 7 home tablet w/ android which has a bigger screen then the archos 5 but they probably can do the same things. the archos 7 is pretty big for a media player
Anonymous (17" monitor)
archos is the best
Anonymous (18" monitor)
the archos 7 is way bigger then the archos 5 thats probably the only difference between both