Please set your monitor size (inches)

Not sure what your monitor size is ?



49% voted correct


Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
DVD Actual Size Image


Width is right (19" monitor)
Height is not
Mercury (26" monitor)
about 1/2mm too small on my 26 inch
Anonymous (17" monitor)
Looks right to me, the transparent edge goes a bit farther than the visible foil.
hmmm (17" monitor)
it should be by pixels not inches
Steve (22" monitor)
The image appeared to be smaller than the actual thing and squished.
BIG DIK DADDI (15" monitor)
99% or so
Kevin (20" monitor)
Almost perfect. Just a little too small.
i really (21" monitor)
agree with width is right
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Height is off
Anonymous (19" monitor)
perfect match, but my computer is 12" big, not 19". It has to be 19" though to have the corerect size..........weird.
Anonymous (11" monitor)
about 5 inches too big for mine
Anonymous (17" monitor)
It's just a TAD too big.
Christy (15" monitor)
It is perfect on my 15.4
Anonymous (17" monitor)
"#10 Anonymous
about 5 inches too big for mine"

Thats what she said.

Perfect on mine, 17" Google Chrome.
Anonymous (22" monitor)
fits perfect
Kian (19" monitor)
zico (19" monitor)
to smal ;D
Osku958 (14" monitor)
Way too small
nobody (19" monitor)
a little small
Ebrahim Moosa (19" monitor)
Width is right but the height is 2.5cm short.
liuoie (15" monitor)
almost perfect bit to small
Anonymous (15" monitor)
good /-)
gft4 (15" monitor)
height is not right, wrong proportions no matter the display size.
better image anyone?
ok (17" monitor)
it was a bit squished so i couldnt get the right monitor screen size. boo
Digital Calipers (22" monitor)
About 123.35 mm on screen. 120 mm in real life.