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Eiffel Tower


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Eiffel Tower Actual Size Image


aqb (19" monitor)
THAT IS WELL OFF... its actually 324 metres just strect this image a few hundred times.
K-Smooth (15" monitor)
That looks pretty accurate!
anonymous (20" monitor)
let me just hold up the eifel tower . . .
Anonymous (13" monitor)
Perfect! There couldn't be a more fantastically accurate representation of the Eiffel tower anywhere else!
anonymous (14" monitor)
see also "hindenburg"
Anonymous (13" monitor)
pmt (15" monitor)
yer perfect ill just return the eiffel tower to the frogs
1-(800)-666-HELL (1" monitor)
Whoa, its PERFECT
Sanna (15" monitor)
That's what it looked like when i saw it. :DD
Kel (15" monitor)
Bit too big on my screen x
me (15" monitor)
#3, don't worry I already did ^^. Bit to big
ryan (15" monitor)
it could be a souvaneer
Anonymous (13" monitor)
I held my Eiffeltower up to the screen, but it wont fit.
Antagonist (15" monitor)
.............................this is pathetic. Are you measuring a model or something? Last time I checked, the eifel tower was like, large enough to bungee jump off of it WITHOUT hitting the floor.
Andy (19" monitor)
Wow - those people are tiny underneath. Borrowers?
b (17" monitor)
mat (15" monitor)
i dropped my leaning tower of Piza on my foot while trying to reach for my Eiffel Tower. but am i gonna sue ya for it? No.
Anonymous (15" monitor)
I guess from a distance...
Kani (10" monitor)
Epic Fail xD
Anonymous (19" monitor)
french people are f*****g small
San (23" monitor)
Thank god it fits in my suitcase!!!
TeslaCoilGirl!!! (18" monitor)
I've been there. I had no idea that Le Tour d'Eiffel is TRÉS PÉTIT. C'est mal.
Wocka Flocka Fillmore (16" monitor)
Am I in Paris right now? This is great
Honhon (24" monitor)
I put my screen up to the Eiffel Tower, it didn't fit