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Galaxy S3


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Please set your diagonal monitor size (in inches):
Not sure what your monitor size is ?
Galaxy S3 Actual Size Image


JN (10" monitor)
This size and design, with an S-Pen and all of SGNote's features should do it all . . , :D
FC360 (15" monitor)
So according to this the S3 is only just slightly smaller then my 10 inch tablet when the screen is under half the size lol
Booblicious (15" monitor)
It was pretty close to the real size on my screen... it's just 0,5 cms taller than it really is
daza (19" monitor)
almost, about .5 sm too long
justthisguy (17" monitor)
It's about a half-inch too long altogether.
awesome (15" monitor)
i dont know if this phone is too big or not
splx (23" monitor)
You guys, have such small monitors..
lkjasd (24" monitor)
A little too long for me as well
Shamikc (16" monitor)
Just a bit too long for me. The width is spot on.
dumbass (40" monitor)
are you guys even trying?