Grande Starbucks Coffee Cup


46% voted correct
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Grande Starbucks Coffee Cup Actual Size Image


Stevie (18" monitor)
WAY to small on a 18"
Anonymous (16" monitor)
too small
Victoria (15" monitor)
haha who does this site??? this is pretty random looks like it was taken at starbucks too! good job
tombomb (19" monitor)
let me hold mine up...aww man, u made me spill, thanks alot! By the way, its way to small
grapejoos (10" monitor)
it looks like the right size on a 10.1"

Kani (10" monitor)
Wow, it's perfect ^^
Anonymous (16" monitor)
too small on 15.6"
anon (14" monitor)
looks about right on a 13.8 screen
anon (15" monitor)
Dudes, if you enter your screen size correctly, it's right. The image is just scaled.
What anon said (15" monitor)
When I see "47% voted correct," I read "53% are idiots who can't figure out how to calibrate their monitor sizes." As anon just said, the image is scaled, and it's correct.