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Hot Dog


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Hot Dog  Actual Size Image


emerysteele (22" monitor)
Oh great. Now I got mustard on my screen.
fkfdls;lugt0w938it79085 6-80976-7 (18" monitor)
Yummy! but a little too small! lol
Anonomyous (16" monitor)
I'm going to stay away from the obvious joke that could be made here...
spoot (17" monitor)
pretty big dog you got there...its kinda like a c**k
1" screen (1" monitor)
its perfect size on a 1 in. screen
nana (15" monitor)
Id like my hot dogs that Big!!
too big i mean
my name :) (20" monitor)
lol #1!
kibby (13" monitor)
my hotdogs bigger
sarah (17" monitor)
ewwww i hate hotdogs! they r made out of ewwwy body parts!
Anonymous (11" monitor)
mine is the size of 4 of my hands. I think that might be a bit big.............
Sammm(: (11" monitor)
Hotdogs are made of dead piggy bodies.
Only zombies eat flesh.
Anonymous (14" monitor)
this is too large wayy to large
Anonymous (1000" monitor)
i have a 1000' screen
me (17" monitor)
mine is way bigger :)
Animal man! (20" monitor)
Jared (34" monitor)
#6 i agree with you 1# is LOL
Kani (10" monitor)
Nice :D
Flasky (17" monitor)
@#10 <-- If you think everyone who eats meat is a zombie you were ether dropped on your head as a kid or was born stupid. Eating meat is normal and healthy. However being a vegetation can limit important vitamin's to your health. I can assure you that I will still be alive once you're already dead. :)
jeff (17" monitor)
the bun is f****n huge
vguierhtv iue hiuthieruhersiquh3i2 (13" monitor)
so damm right #18
Ronny Roberge (10" monitor)
WHAT! #5 has a one inch screen (maybe I could get an actual size image of it) I have a screen 10x bigger than that.