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iPhone 3G


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iPhone 3G Actual Size Image


Compared with the iPod touch 1st Gen, the screen of the iPhone is about .1 inches bigger on screen.
yea...the one on the screen is just a little too small
It's a little too big for me...
pretty good.
too small for me as well
@2, 3, & 5
Are you guys comparing with iPhone 3Gs, or with iTouches? Because the iPhone screen is a hair narrower. They could've changed the dimensions from the 1st gen to 3G leap too.
perfect on 15 inch screen
smaller than normal for 22" in safari
Got it right
Perfect on iMac 24".
Perfect on my mac 17" on firefox.
great pepective
Aspect ratio looks wrong on mine - too tall but too narrow. Maybe there's something wrong with my monitor!
I like cheese
Almost perfect, but still not, pic size is smaller on my Dell LCD 24". Could be the browser? Safari 3 on Mac...
Just perfect
Perfect on 13.1" unibody Macbook (FF)
Danfog (19" monitor)
#1 Anonymous, it's like that in real life! The iPhone is bigger than the iPod Touch
Anonymous (15" monitor)
Anonymous (120" monitor)
kinda hard to tell be looks about right
Zinn (32" monitor)
about 95% of the real iPhone 3G on my 32" LG
Anonymous (23" monitor)
this is a iphone, not an iphone 3g, u can see the black cover at the bottom this is why it does not match
Anonymous (24" monitor)
#23 Fits perfectly on my iPhone 3G with "24 & Firefox.

I guess you mean that this IS the 3G.
Thanasis PApailiou (9" monitor)
A little big big but holy...I totally agree with te american:Bigger is better...!
mattc (14" monitor)
Kevin (17" monitor)
It's correct...the screen is 2x3 inches
Anonymous (20" monitor)
I Like Turtles
Tomasz (17" monitor)
It's slidely smaller compared side by side with my iPhone
r4c3rx (20" monitor)
Smaller than the real thing on my 20" aluminium iMac.
solak (23" monitor)
On my 23" Apple LCD, the screen image is just a millimeter too small in height, and barely detectably too narrow.
Anonymous (13" monitor)
just perfect on my screen
Anonymous (13" monitor)
About 2mm off on Macbook 13" Aluminum... Pretty accurate though!
Anonymous (20" monitor)
Just a little too small.
Pete (17" monitor)
Too small, mine is alot bigger, and the iPhone is too small too :op
PIE (21" monitor)
i want it
bananaaa (42" monitor)
doesn't work on 32" :(
kzb75 (20" monitor)
i put my iPhone 3G to my 20" screen and it looks exact to me
yes it is (19" monitor)
iphones suck
Anonymous (16" monitor)
its too big! (way too big!)
Anonymous (10" monitor)
lol he's unlocked and running on cingular!
Anonymous (13" monitor)
"#18 Anonymous
Perfect on 13.1" unibody Macbook (FF)"

The MacBook is 13.3", newfag.
u suck (22" monitor)
perfect on a 22'
Jessica (15" monitor)
It's bigger than an EnV Touch. (hint hint) ;-)
clomb (999" monitor)
a little small on a 999" screen
sami (17" monitor)
pretty much perfect for me
Ryan (42" monitor)
Perfect on my 42" tv.
Alex (15" monitor)
Even if the thing shown in the photo is NOT an iPhone 3G, the size is perfect.
bozo (14" monitor)
i am a tree :)
iPhone (4" monitor)
Waaaaaay too small on an iPhone screen lol
Anon (14" monitor)
perfect fit
TheiPhoneGuyHD (23" monitor)
zia (16" monitor)
this iphone is smaller than mine
Anonymous (15" monitor)
A bit too small
yjssloves (19" monitor)
me (15" monitor)
u need to get the screen size right... it s just prefect fit!
yo (15" monitor)
suck my d**k
Aero (14" monitor)
Perfect on 14" screen
me (4" monitor)
way to big
Stig (16" monitor)
Perfect on 15.6 LCD
hugh jass Video (70" monitor)
too big on my 70 inch moniter!!
mad scientist (13" monitor)
too small on my 9 meter screen in my top secret underground base under a volcano
A apple user (15" monitor)