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Iphone 5


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The Apple iPhone 5 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by Apple Inc, the sixth generation of the iPhone. It was released on September 21. It has a larger 4-inch screen and is lighter, thinner than its predecessor at 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm [more]


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Iphone 5 Actual Size Image


Jerick Mac (14" monitor)
dear apple, please send me a free unit. I want to compare the actual to this. thanks.
Pirate (7" monitor)
Yar, this phone be the wrong size!
:( (18" monitor)
waaaaaay to small
SCrewY MeAsSuRemeNts (14" monitor)
wtf, much too big, d**n its bigger than the note ii
Ari (15" monitor)
Very accurate and since my computer screen is bright, I can see the fantastic display of the wanted iPhone 5!
BoSS (14" monitor)
Lol (14" monitor)
About a CM bigger than the actual thing. I have one myself. I've adjusted my screen resolution for this website and it's still incorrect.
unicorn:O (16" monitor)
dudet (11" monitor)
this is the right size i tink
Deb (14" monitor)
monitor size is at the right hand side top corner...make a match with ur credit card and you get the correct inch of your laptop. and after that you get the correct image app i say
Deb (14" monitor)
you have to change the monitor size to get the correct image. its correct to 100%
Josh (22" monitor)
hey i got iphone 5 and compare this one its the same side on 21.5 inch screen
sahil (16" monitor)
accurate always......
Jehn (17" monitor)
It's a titch bigger but negligibly so.
Big pig ! (16" monitor)
Way too big !
Vine (16" monitor)
Nice comparison, but it's a tad big on my 15" laptop.
Anon (13" monitor)
Perfect fit with the 5S as well.
KT (24" monitor)
Perfect! Mine is correct!
TheHarmlessCreeper (17" monitor)
The size is perfect